" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 30, 2016

NOW Here is a Synchronicity

I picked up Ash Grunwald's new CD called NOW at Bluesfest on the weekend only because before I left for Bluesfest on Friday morning I had received the above NOW watch photo in my feed from  
Mathew Manning's FB page on Thursday. 
Matthew Manning
I replied to Mathew's photo by writing in a share of that photo on my FB page,  
"Although, I'm heading for New South Wales tomorrow and they are on daylight saving time, so I 'll have to remember to set my watch an hour ahead of NOW in the morning" 
"Hang on, I think my watch has stopped. I better find another battery NOW".
"I had my watch upside-down and thought it was Monday for a second".
I had never heard of Ash's CD before picking it off the shelf in the Bluesfest CD shop. 
In fact, I bought it without even hearing a track off it and I didn't see Ash play Bluesfest this year, but he signed it for me on MONday (NOWDAY?-) when he happened to be there at the shop to sign his CDs. 
I told him I only bought it because of the title called NOW and how Mathew had sent the NOW watch photo through in my FB feed. 
He just said, 
"Yeah, NOW is really in right NOW"
NOW that's funny Ash. :-) 
And BTW this CD is fantastic. 
It's a bluesy Rock and Roll type album, which I have had on repeat for the last 3 hours and will probably have on repeat for the next 3. 
I love it.
I never realized that Ash had a song on the 'Limitless' soundtrack until yesterday when I was looking up his You Tubes. 
Notice that movie starred Robert De Niro?
See my last post about the Robert De Niro lookalike I spotted at Bluesfest on Easter Sunday - 
Weird Orbs/Light Effects at Bluesfest
The Adjustment Bureau, or Limitless???

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