" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 29, 2016

Weird Orbs/Light Effects at Bluesfest

'Star of David' orbs surrounding the De Niro lookalike guitarist of Sahara Beck's?
Bluesfest rarely lets me down and this year was no exception.
My old cell phone/camera.

The iPod camera I used at Bluesfest.
This year I was forced to use my new 8 mega-pixel iPod camera instead of my old Ericsson 2 mega-pixel cell phone camera, which by the way I  was going to use all weekend, since I had little experience using an Apple camera before this weekend.
But I forgot my Ericsson phone charger and there was no way my cell phone battery was going to stay charged for one day, never mind four days, so I decided that I had to take all my photos on my iPod, since I could charge it every night in my motel room and that way keep a fully charged cell phone in case I need to used the phone.
I went to see Sahara Beck's set at the Jambalaya tent on Easter Sunday and thought her guitarist looked a lot like Robert Di Niro out of the movie 'Taxi Driver', so I snapped a couple of shots of him on my iPod camera.
More 'Star of David's orbs surrounding the De Niro lookalike guitarist of Sahara Beck's?
These 'Star of David' lighting effects were only visible on my camera. 
The band had no lighting effects making these visible while watching the performance. 
It was a mystery to Sahara when I showed her the shots on my camera as she was signing my CD. 
I am of Jewish descent, by the way, but I'm not a religious Jew. 
In fact, I used to have a Star of David tattooed on my left hand, but I had it removed surgically in my early 20s.
My old tattoo that I once had as a teenager, long gone now
There is just a straight scar there now from the surgery.
I also caught a few orbs in shots at the Eagles of Death Metal gig on Saturday, but they were just sphere shaped.
The Eagles of Death Metal gig on Saturday and blue orbs in the crowd?

I tend to think of these camera orbs as just the way the light interacts with the cell phone lens when taking a shot, but I must admit that they happen in the weirdest circumstances and of course you don't usually see them until you review a shot.
Sahara Beck on the Jambalaya Stage Easter Sunday at Bluesfest 2016.
I also couldn't help thinking how much Sahara's CD cover artwork reminded me of a print I bought a the recent  
SOMARA conference at Byron Bay in February this year.
One of the prints I bought at SOMARA in February 2016.
 Maybe the orbs were only "talkin' to me"?-) 
Anyway, I thought I would share these weird orb/light effects from my Bluesfest weekend before I started the Bluesfest posts that I'm about to write to capture each day that I was there, which was four this year.
Morning clouds over Bluesfest 2016.

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