" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 20, 2012

The Ripple of Connection

I wrote about seeing The Church (the band's DVD is pictured above) play the Brisbane Powerhouse on Christmas eve in this post;
"The Church" on Christmas Eve...The Band That Is
There was a table full of merchandise for sale at the concert and I bought their CD's Untitled 23 and Priest = Aura, but I didn't see the Goldfish DVD there among the merch.
There were also tour T-shirts for sale for $20, but I decided I had bought enough stuff anyway so didn't bother to buy one.
A few days after the concert I regretted that I hadn't bought a t-shirt on the night, so headed to their website to see if they had any for sale on there...and yes they did, so I ordered one.
There was also a DVD (Goldfish) of the video clips for their most popular songs, plus a few extra songs included, such as  
Ripple (one of my favourites).
I liked how they had named the DVD Goldfish, a gold fish being the mascot of my blog (the top right-hand corner of this blog) and that there was a picture of a banana as well.
Bananas are grown in Queensland and often Queenslanders are called Banana Benders by people from other Australian states. 
The Brisbane Powerhouse is in Queensland, where I live and where they played the Christmas eve concert that I went to. 
The banana wasn't on the DVD cover to represent Queensland though, it was on the cover to represent the word next to it on the cover -"Joke", as in slipping on a banana skin.

Ripple is a song off their album Priest = Aura, which is their 8th studio album. 
It's one of the three albums that they played in it's entirety on the night.
I was watching the DVD for the first time this morning before work, while eating breakfast. 
I had never seen the video clip for Ripple before this (see You Tube clip above).
I loved the clip with all it kaleidoscopic fractaling ripples and it struck me why I love ripple symbology so much, because to me it represents connections and how everything is separate, but effects everything else in the universe by the rippling energy it sends out.

The idea entered my mind to do a post about this song for some reason, but I thought how could I just do a post about a Ripple song? 
And besides, I'm getting sick of blogging on the net all of the time, even though at times I feel compelled to share a sync with the world, or record it as a personal dairy entry to read later on.
Then tonight I opened an old e-mail about the Byron Film Festival and saw this film advertised (clip below).

I had missed my chance to see it though, because it had already screened on March 11th.
A day I could have gotten down there to see it.
The irony is that if I had of kept up with the Echo's daily e-mails I would have easily been able to go there and see it, but I missed out because I wasn't keeping up with the e-mails, which is sort of opposite to the film trailer's synopsis.
So, I haven't seen it, and can't yet recommend it, but it looks very promising to me.
Here is another clip by the same director of the above film (clip below).
Oddly enough the symbol these guys are using to declare "interdependence" above is a sideways 8.
Ripple is off the Church's 8th album.
Under the Milky Way was off their Starfish album, which was released in 1988.
And when I think off being under the Milky Way, I feel a cosmic connection every-time.

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