" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 1, 2012

Ancient Wisdom Teachings of the Andes

I came across this post at Synchrosecrets, Dream or Contact?, and a link to Kathy Doore's fantastic site of hers,
Which had that wonderful painting of the wolf baying at the moon and the lady with the orange orb around her head singing reverently to the stars. 
Hmmm...where have I seen an orange orb before?-)
My orange orb photo taken at the BBWF.
Universal Placebos - Nothing Works Better
I also discovered this wonderful dance on her site titled 
Festival Cusco--a lively afternoon of folkloric dances.
It's kind of creepy and soothing at the same time.
Maybe because it reminds me of two of my favourite movies -  
The Wicker Man (English version) and Eyes Wide Shut
I have to say though that the more I play it, the more I like it.
But I also found this hypnotic clip when I clicked on the Lake Michigan Triangle link;
Which again, since it was built from Mahogany, reminded my of one of my all time favourite songs from childhood, Diana Ross singing  Mahogany.
A funny thing also is that being the 1st March today, it was time to turn my calendar over and what should be on it?
A sailboat with "Whisper 2 - Brisbane" written on the back.
 A sailboat moored in the Brisbane River named Whisper 2 facing in the direction I live. 
 I was also looking on the fridge at the football ladders (because the NRL kicks off tonight in Australia) and I was thinking,"what have I really done with my life, and where is it all heading?".
I started to feel the frustration and slight panic creep in, but my attention was drawn to the bottom of the footy ladder to the two magnets  underneath - my fish mascot from this blog, and a  
"Keep Calm and Carry On !" magnet, based on the old London WII poster.
Then I saw the magnet at the top of the fridge which had a boat passing under the Story Bridge.
Where the thermometer is on the magnet would roughly be where the boat on the calendar was photographed, and the temperature was reading 23C at the time I saw it (it still is in the picture, too), 23 being my birth-date. 
Please note the buildings in Brisbane look nothing like those "fillers" on the magnet, so don't get a wrong impression there. 
I also noticed that the Michigan Triangle story was used on  
Weird or What?, the same show that Rob and Trish were invited on.
And writing about Weird or What?, I noticed this picture on Kathy Doore's site of a guy taking her picture, and he is wearing black and white colours and has a picture of a magpie on the back of his t-shirt.
If you look at the photo of my footy ladders on the fridge you'll see the Collingwood Magpies finished top of the table in the AFL last year...another unsolved mystery I guess ;- )
I also noticed in this picture that there are a lot of people wearing that Maya blue shade, which will feature in an upcoming post that I've been meaning to write.
All the signs seem to indicate that I'm sailing in the right direction. 
Another slight sync is that I bought tickets to see 
Crosby, Stills and Nash play Byron Bay Bluesfest on Good Friday this year.
I was undecided until the song Wooden Ships came on, as the first random track on my CD player, after I promised myself that if Wooden Ships came up on the first two tracks of the random shuffle, I had to go.
Another sign?


  1. Us, too. We're meeting kathy for lunch next week. Markawasi is calling, I think.

  2. Amazing, all of those links. When I read some of your posts it makes me think that sometimes I'm not paying full attention to the 'things' happening in my life.

  3. Mike,the post that I've been going to write on the Maya blue
    syncs I was (and still am) going to call "Flow",because it involves Rio in Brazil (Rio means "flow" in Greek),which I just found out the over day, from listening to a David Bohm You Tube talk.
    And I thought it was appropriate,since going with the flow is what I have been doing for the last year and a half,anyway.
    Maybe that explains all my weird syncs ?

    1. Going with the flow ... it's something I often say. I visualise and then 'go with the flow' to see what develops. I think though I must become more observant, just in case I'm overlooking some of the signposts.

  4. I know what you mean, Mike. Daz, your mind is a labyrinth!

  5. I'll let Kathy know. Her book is a visual feast.