" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 11, 2012

Shamanic Journeying

I've just read Sandra Ingerman's book Shamanic Journeying, and while I don't think it is going to be the best book that I will ever read about Shamanism (this is my first), I do think it was an important book to introduce me to the subject.
Sunflower syncs
I have had some strong syncs involving this book/CD, so I do feel it is important for me, but it's maybe not the best book on the subject. 
Some of the syncs I detailed in the post below;
Angels - Marina Petro
but there was also a good sync between myself and the 
MacGregor's at Syncrosecrets when I first ordered this book from Amazon;
Synchronicity and Creativity
This is the comment I left at the time -
"Darren B says:
It’s funny you should mention shamanic drumming, because just before I came here to read this post, I had just completed an order for two books from Amazon.
One was The Twelfth Insight: The Hour of Decision by James Redfield, and the other was  

Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide  by Sandra Ingerman.
I had decided that I had better get a copy of  

The Twelfth Insight to read, since I had more or less committed myself to reading it, when I talked about it on my blog.
And since I thought it was a bit of a waste ordering just one book, when I could get two for just about the same postage rate.

I chose one from the 200, or so,on my Amazon wish-list, completely at random.
I thought it was funny that I chose “Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide”, because on my last trip to Byron Bay I had purchased a $20 drum from Kathmandu Connection 
(the same place I got the wooden cat calendar, which I write about at my blog)  
because I always wanted to play bongo type drums, but didn’t own any…until my trip to Byron…now I have a little African drum to bang to everyone’s annoyance ;- )"

And this was Rob's reply to it -

"R and T says:
Darren, You were surprised that Trish mentioned shamanism and drumming after you purchased Shamanic Journeying, by Sandra Ingerman. 
Well, guess what? 
The CD I was using for the drumming in the class that Trish wrote about came from THAT book. 
Ingerman was a student of Michael Harner, the anthropologist most responsible for bringing the ancient tradition to the Western world. 
She’s very experienced, knows her stuff, but her voice is a bit harsh and takes getting used to."

Apart from the syncs, another thing that was mentioned in her book, that struck a cord with me was,"...the spirits communicate with us through our hearts, and we 'see' in our journeys through our hearts"
That's why I have always  loved this picture of Jesus and the Sacred Heart, not because I'm into Christianity...which I'm not, but because of the profound truth this picture evokes in me.
I think Ingerman is right, intuition is more of "a heart/gut" feeling, than a thinking process in the least in my experience anyway.
That's why I've always liked these pictures of the Sacred Heart and why I snapped this magnet up at the Woodford Folkfest last year.
 Two magnets that I bought at Woodford Folk-fest last year.
The other one I picked was the "Eat Me" magnet, because I have always loved the idea of communion, plus I wanted something to remind me to start studying the Shamanic ways of the indigenous cultures around the world.
My REMO General Store magnet I made using REMO icons.
Speaking of magnets and syncs, in the book Sandra says in the Making a Drum or Rattle
chapter, "The drum I used for the drumming on the enclosed CD is a Remo drum, which is made of FiberSkin.
This type of material stays constant in any climate.
Since Remo drums are not made of animal skins, they are also suitable for people who have philosophical reasons for not wanting an animal-skin drum."
My magnet, pictured above, is a design I used for a T-shirt, that was sold through Remo in Sydney, in the customer designs section...or as Remo would write it the custOMER designs section;- ) 
I selected my favourite Remo icons in making it.
Oddly enough, there is an upside down pineapple and a spiral in those icons that I chose.
The magnet was made at Zazzle by me as a personal magnet, that wasn't for sale at Zazzle.
Since I ended up pulling all of my designs out of the Remo store, I decided to make a few magnets to remind me of my favorite designs.
Such as -
Anyway, I think that you literally get the picture now ;- )
Another thing with designing and selling shirt designs at Remo was that he wouldn't pay the designer with cash, only credit...and you had to use it on the Remo site, which we knew before we signed up anyway.
One of the things I bought from his store with my design profits was the bottle of Placebo Pills which I wrote about here;
Universal Placebos - Nothing Works Better
And in her book Sandra writes in the same chapter as the Remo skinned drum, "However, in a pinch, I will use a bottle of Advil or a bottle of vitamin pills, whose sound is just as effective for supporting my journey." 
Why not a placebo rattle? 
I'm sure that would be just as effective as the headache pills.
Maybe we'll have to do a double blind test to find out?- )  
Shamanism is something I feel compelled to explore at the moment though, for some reason, and I think these syncs are saying to me,"yeah, you should"
One last thing I found strange was Sandra says,  
"A dismemberment in a journey is a classic means of spiritual healing.
An animal like a bear or eagle, or a force of nature such as wind, takes your body apart down to the bone.
What is ill is taken out, and you are rebuilt again with healthy body parts.
It is very common to receive dismemberment when asking for healing.
Although it might sound gruesome, people report a tremendous amount of peace and love during this experience."
Maybe I missed something when writing up my The Grey post? 
The Grey/The Grays and the Triad

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Good synch here. I just finished writing a post about intuition as heart-centered! Ingerman's CD is good!