" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 22, 2013

Laszlo Novak, UFOs and Ghosts

I was watching this clip above from the halfasheep You Tube channel about an alleged UFO contactee who claims he was given information about the 2004 tsunami.
He talks about that in the clip and about meeting a woman randomly overseas in his home country Hungary and telling this lady about the forewarning of the tsunami.
Turns out this lady was swept up in the tsunami  and lost her husband in it as well.
He shows the autograph he got off her and since I didn't know who she was I did a Google search on her and found this website -
Beyond the Wave
Trisha Broadbridge (Silvers)
"On 26 December 2004, honeymooner Trisha Broadbridge and her husband, Melbourne footballer Troy, stepped on to the beach of Phi Phi Island - a stunning Thai resort. Moments later they were engulfed by the deadly tsunami and Troy, along with thousands of others in the region, was swept to his death.

This is Trisha's amazing story of how she survived that day and the agonising months that followed as she grappled to come to terms with her loss. Yet even as she crumbled inside, she was determined to create something good out of the devastation. Trisha had a troubled childhood, and she and Troy had often talked about setting up a Trust to start a school in Thailand. Together with the help of the Melbourne Football Club and Reach, Trisha is raising funds through the Broadbridge Foundation to reconstruct the Phi Phi Island School in memory of Troy and the other lives lost on that Boxing Day.

Beyond the Wave is more than just an account of this horrific event and its aftermath. It's a portrait of a young woman who's faced many challenges. It's about finding the love of her life and making sacrifices as a footballer's wife'; it's about finding a way forward through grief. Trisha's story is one of gritty determination to create something that would honour her husband and bring hope to a shattered community."

There was also this ghost hunting video starring Laszlo Novak, so I tried to find out about this guy by doing a Google image search on him and was blown away by these photos below.
Now, these photos of Laszlo's hit me, because the whole reason I started writing this blog was because a Sacred Kingfisher crashed into my living room window.
I had never seen one of these birds before in real life, and I still haven't seen one since that day.

A UFO Laszlo claims to have filmed, in the above clip.


Mike Perry said...

Interesting stuff - and the kingfisher connection with those amazing photos and your own experience. Not sure what to think of the implant and spirit videos, will come back and have another look later.

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

This is fascinating, Daz. And the kingfisher photos are dazzling. It's so interesting that you've never seen one of these birds again. Now I' going to take a look at this clip.