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The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 6, 2013

Hotel IKEA: Nightmare from Elmtaryd

The customers in this ad are perfect representations of the typical 
IKEA customer, plastic people using plastic cards to buy plastic furniture, made and distributed by plastic workers for people with plastic minds molded by evil people like Ingvar Kamprad who exploit everybody for his own personal gain and fortune 
while spinning endless bullshit to a greedy unthinking public.

I don't know which of the three clips above are the scariest to the person who thinks and cares about the world and it's people.
" As of October 2011, IKEA owns and operates 332 stores in 38 countries. 
In fiscal year 2010, US$23.1 billion worth of goods were sold, a total that represented a 7.7 percent increase over 2009.
The IKEA website contains about 12,000 products and is the closest representation of the entire IKEA range. 
There were over 470 million visitors to IKEA's websites in the year from September 2007 to September 2008.
A July 2013 media report speculated that IKEA is the world's largest consumer of wood after a finding that the company uses 1% of the Earth's wood supply."
"Although IKEA household products and furniture are designed in Sweden, they are largely manufactured in developing countries to keep costs down. 
With suppliers in 50 countries, roughly ⅔ of purchasing is from Europe, with about ⅓ from Asia."
And the European countries are the sweatshop countries of Europe as well, most times.
" During the 1980s, IKEA kept its costs down by using production facilities in East Germany. A portion of the workforce at the factories used consisted of political prisoners. 
This fact, revealed in a report by Ernst & Young commissioned by the company, resulted from intermingling of criminals and political dissidents in the state-owned production facilities IKEA contracted with, a practice which was generally known in West Germany. 
 IKEA was one of a number of companies, including West German firms, which benefited from this practice. 
The investigation resulted from attempts by former political prisoners to obtain compensation. In November 2012, IKEA admitted being aware at the time of the possibility of use of
 forced labor and failing to exercise sufficient rigor to identify and avoid it."
" In mid-August 2012, the company announced that it will establish a chain of 100 economy hotels in Europe but, unlike its few existing hotels in Scandinavia, they will not carry the IKEA name, nor will they use IKEA furniture and furnishings – they will be operated by an unnamed international group of hoteliers"
 " As a teenager, IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad was directly involved in the pro-Nazi New Swedish Movement (Nysvenska Rörelsen) until at least 1948, causing tensions when IKEA began opening stores in Israel, although one source has claimed that the movement was not pro-Nazi. Kamprad devotes two chapters to his time in Nysvenska Rörelsen in his book, Leading By Design: The IKEA Story and, in a 1994 letter to IKEA employees, called his affiliation with the organization the "greatest mistake of my life." "
Ingvar Kamprad loves playing Monopoly.
" In 2011, IKEA and its Swedwood affiliate came under criticism for its treatment of workers at a U.S. factory in Danville, Virginia and its decision to hire the law firm Jackson Lewis, which is often employed by companies to counter labor demands, to consult with IKEA on attempts to form a union at Danville. 

A petition on has received more than 70,000 signatures urging IKEA to respect workers' rights."
 In 2012, IKEA in France was accused by the independent newspaper Le Canard enchaîné and the investigative website Mediapart of spying on its employees and clients by illegally accessing French police records. 
The head of risk management at IKEA feared his employees were anti-globalists or potential ecoterrorists.
In October 2012, Glendal Foods – a major supplier to IKEA Store Restaurants in Australia, was the subject of bullying allegations by about 50% of staff at the company and the  
National Union of Workers
Claims included self-harm by a worker, retention of wages & a significant long-term pattern of staff-abuse and complaints are under investigation by WorkSafe Victoria
IKEA Australia have not yet made a formal comment.
 In October 2012, IKEA was criticized for airbrushing women out of pictures in catalogues which were used in Saudi Arabia.
" In February 2013, IKEA announced it had pulled 17,000 portions of Swedish meatballs containing beef and pork from stores in Europe after testing in the Czech Republic found traces of horse in the product. 
The company actually removed the Swedish meatballs from stores' shelves February 25, 2013, but only made the announcement public after Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet uncovered what happened. 
In a March 2013 media report, an Ikea representative stated that the corporation had made Familjen Dafgard, its main meatball supplier, cease business with eight of its 15 suppliers and would reduce the number of purchasing countries. 
The discovered horsemeat was traced to a Polish abattoir. "
If you've read all of the above and you still think IKEA is a great place to get a bargain, then like the two below, you either don't have a heart, or a brain, or both.
Let's go to IKEA, they might have what we are looking for?
...and other similar stores.
IKEA in Fight Club

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Mike Perry said...

Get the message! I'm pleased to say I have never been into any IKEA store or have ever purchased anything from them.