" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 19, 2013

Eye Sync, Therefore I Am, Too?-)

Graham Hancock
On the 30th August after seeing this picture of Graham Hancock with his patch over one eye
I wrote this posting in a Facebook group for Sync-heads called,
"The Kitchen Sync/Sync Book Press",
 which is a closed group, so it's no good me giving you the link to it.
"Eye Sync, therefore I am?-)
I was at the 32:28 minute mark of the above video on LSD where it says, 
"They call it the hollow mask study, 
it's all about the way our mind plays tricks on what the eyes see."
Then I saw the story on artist Matt Doust from Oz who died in LA yesterday -
Internationally recognised WA artist Matt Doust dies in Los Angeles
The photo of him the ABC Radio's news website used was of Matt sitting in front of his artwork of two people with eye-patches over the same eye as Graham Hancock has at the moment.
Doust, who was known for his highly refined portrait oil paintings, died after reportedly having a seizure.
The 29-year-old had a strong following among art collectors both nationally and internationally, including Hollywood actors 

Jim Carey and Mickey Rourke.
The hollow mask study?
You just can't make this stuff up if you tried. 
A Robert Crumb cartoon drawing
R Crumb
Oh ... and Happy Birthday Robert Crumb (Aug 30th)."

Now, I met Graham Hancock and purchased his book Supernatural
on the same night in Brisbane last year at the Tribal cinema.
"Origins of Consciousness Tour" - Brisbane
I only started reading this book this week though, although I had heard Graham talk about the subjects in this book on the night, as well.
I had just finished reading Scott Alexander-King's book  
Earth Mother Dreaming the other day and thought to myself that I really haven't had any usual animal sightings lately, like a sign appearing for me in some way.
Then  I go outside to throw some rubbish in the wheelie bin and look up to my right and there is a possum sitting right next to my head in a tree in broad daylight.
Interestingly I started reading Supernatural this day.
Then a day, or two later I read this passage in Supernatural -
" Mun-yir-yir, an Australian Aborigine of the Murngin tribe, reported the following experience at the onset of his shamanic calling: 
I leaned over and drank out of the water-hole. 
When I did that a doctor soul caught my nose and made me sink down into the water. 
The doctors, they were two boys and a girl . . . 
They looked like opossums . . . 
They opened my nose and eyes and mouth and made me well."
I was trying to find this passage through Google this morning and stumbled upon a strange possum story from New Zealand 
Hello possums!
New Zealand schoolchildren encouraged to dress up DEAD animals in bizarre competition
and found this bizarre photo of a dead possum with a patch over the same eye Graham had covered.
I also found this clip about possums and the TV show Supernatural.
And yesterday when I was reading my book out in my backyard getting some sun, 
I was reading the chapter about shamanic experiences, shape-shifting and alien abduction encounters being similar things and started wondering if my possum encounter wasn't some kind of shamanic sign, or an alien type encounter.
Then I turn towards the wall and see this at eye level crawling past my head.
The first thing I notice is the two (what appeared to me) alien eyes looking back at me.
The universe couldn't have given me a better animal to represent shamanic/alien transformation than an alien headed looking caterpillar, I think.

The Beings

When I was looking at the green alien like eyes of the possum in the photo above, I noticed a banner ad at the top of the page that was directing me to this page -
Weird or what?


  1. There is no end to the controversy over the one eye meme:

    Personally, I take it as the Eye of Horus/Jesus, but you know, I'm probably a mind-controlled illuminati slave.

  2. @Michael
    I don't see the one-eye symbol as either good or bad,just as I don't see the Christian cross as good or bad,I just thought it was funny how all these one eyed syncs came together,and pretty much the same eye (the left) as well.
    Personally,I'm a big Graham Hancock fan and I'm loving his book at the moment.
    Symbols can be used for both good or bad,so everyone will have a different take on a symbol,I guess.
    I kind of like the "Eye of God" image myself,even if a corrupt element of society seems to think they own it.

  3. That's a nice sequence of synchros. Didn't know of Matt Doust but having now looked at his work it's impressive.

    A possum and an alien caterpillar - magical.

  4. Incredibly weird! And you're right, no one could make this stuff up!