" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 27, 2013


Another Alien

Marti from Just Outside the Box has added another cartoon character to her growing stable of toons. 
I ran the idea of an Australian type alien called "Australien" past her a few weeks ago, after stumbling across her site while I was looking for images of dung beetles for a post about my UK blogging buddy King Uke and his recent obsession with dung beetles.
Just Outside the Box Cartoon
The Ballad of Tokyo Zombie

The Gold-Bug (1843)

It's funny, because it was the King and I's disagreement on a cult Japanese comic that brought our worlds together.

Tokyo Zombie (2008)

A cartoon Marti re-edited especially at my request. Thanks Marti.
Maybe when the little Australien gets mad, or in a fighting mood, red boxing gloves could magically appear on his hands? 
But I guess that would be 
"Just Outside of the Box(ing Ring)" then.
But it does have a nice ring to it, doesn't it?
The Boxing Australien?
Now there is a whole new field of merchandising possibilities when you bring flags into the picture?-)
Peter Carey liked the idea of the name Australien when I asked him to sign my copy of his book Bliss at the Byron Bay Writers Festival this year.
I'm surprised he never thought of saying he was an Australien before, since he tells everyone he is a Martian because he comes from Bacchus Marsh in Victoria.
My old t-shirt design I made at REMO years ago.


  1. Love these cartoons! The one with the phone booth (box?) made me laugh out loud. Who hasn't felt like that at times?

  2. "the King and I" - I like the sound of that! Ha ha!

    Who'd have thought all those many moons ago, that a comment on Amazon would lead to all this!

    I'm proud to be a side-note on the story of the rise and rise of BrizDaz, the ultimate Australien!

    Long live the King!

  3. You may well have hit on something with your Australiens.

  4. @KU
    I knew you would like the sound of that "King and I " reference.
    I had another idea for Marti's cartoon stable while thinking about you Kiwis.
    A crow in an All Black's football jersey named Russell who finds creative ways to get himself into trouble at the dump while supporting rubbish football teams .-)

  5. @Trish
    I have that cartoon over on my sidebar but you would probably have to have eagle vision to be able to read the print on it.
    I can't make the cartoon any bigger without making it look way too big for the sidebar.
    Still the image of a guy trapped on an island inside a phone-box speaks for itself really,doesn't it ?

  6. @Mike
    I think Marti would make a killing on merchandise sales for some occasion like the World Cup or Olympics.
    The Aussies go nuts for stuff like this to dress in,stick on their cars,or wave around.

  7. @King
    Who'd ever think a crappy comic like 'Tokyo Zombie' could be responsible for giving birth to a real comic worth reading ?-)

  8. is that last image new? Of the australien with the alien flashing the peace symbol? I LOVE that one.

  9. @Trish
    No,I pinched it off the net at the time because it was green and gold (Australia's sporting colours) and placed it over a black map of Australia and wrote the name "Australien".
    I can't draw to save my life,which is why I gave the idea to Marti,as it is better for some other artist who can draw to bring the idea to life than to let it die in my head.
    I think this cartoon character has a lot of potential in Australia and maybe overseas as well.
    It will be interesting to see what Marti will do with it.