" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 23, 2013

Always Record: Episode 66: The Full Circle Jerks

David and Alan are joined by Will Morgan and Douglas Bolles from
42 Minutes and Andras Jones from Synchronize 
to celebrate the two-year anniversary of 42 Minutes 
(which would make this the two-year anniversary
of Sync Book Radio)
The conversation turns to Freud and James Hillman, 911 and Titanic, Full Circle 
(The Haunting of Julia), Room 237
Sharon Tate and Helter Skelter, and other related topics.
Always Record: Episode 66: The Full Circle Jerks; Part 1

Always Record: Episode 66: The Full Circle Jerks; Part 2
OK, a few things to bear in mind as you are listening to this pod-cast, since the subject matter is mainly about synchronicity. 
The TV/Radio podcast being discussed on AR 66 is this show which can be viewed by clicking on this link -
The Andy Dick Show – 10-16-13
 WARNING:  Now it is an Andy Dick show, so it has some very bad language scattered throughout it, including the C word.
It's also an almost polar opposite show to Always Record, as well.
Not that these guys don't swear, either.
You should probably listen to the Andy Dick show first, so you know what these guys are talking about in the AR 66 show.
It's funny how the guys on AR 66 seem to bring up syncs that fly right over the top of their heads (or they just don't mention them)
For instance someone mentions the #22 syncs flying around and they bring up Donald Pleasence and Charles Manson.
Pleasence died on 2/2/95 and Manson was arrested on the 22nd April, 1968 for something. 
(Jack Nicholson's birthday 4/22/37)
... or Room 4/22/37 for that matter;-)
Let's not forget that Donald Pleasence plays a character by the name of 'Oracle' Jones in The Hallelujah Trail, either. 
Andras Jones
"When Moustapha Akkad asked Donald Pleasence how many more Halloween (1978) films he was planning to make, Donald replied 
"I stop at twenty-two!""
The Circle Jerks also had a track on the movie soundtrack for 
Repo Man, a movie that I wrote a post about a while back here -
Repo Man/127 Sync
And what date did the Titanic actually sink?
RMS Titanic  
April 15th
Jackie Robinson Day.
Even though it hit the iceberg on the 14th, it didn't sink until
well after midnight.
Donald Pleasence played Professor Robinson in his last movie 
Fatal Frames.
"A television actor drinks too much and gets blackballed (8-Balled) from the industry, and then he decides to break back in by directing his own movie. 
Eventually, he gets sober, and then falls off the wagon and goes crazy and turns his film into a musical."
The movie Danny Roane starring Andy Dick  
(with a 4.2 IMDB [I'M DB?] rating) stars Jack Black, of Tenacious D who the guys say gave them the title for Always Record.
Looking at the news story of the two sea snakes that were found made me wonder if the black snake used in the 66 AR poster had anything to do with 2013 being the 
'Year of the (Water) Snake'?
'Sea serpent' found in US sparks earthquake myth talk
Year of the Snake and Abraxas?  
An "Always" Record;-)
Listen to the 29:30 mark of this podcast -


  1. Great sequence of synchros! That last very cool image covers the comments! I managed to click on the few letters that showed to get to comment box.

  2. You do seem to notice the synchros that others miss - a fascinating sequence.