" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 29, 2013

The Dave Graney/Justin Heazlewood Sync Roadshow

1001 Australian Nights

The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries

When I was down at The Byron Bay Writers Festival this year 
My Crow Totem at the BBWF
I found Dave Graney's book 1001 Australian Nights in the bookshop.
The thing that caught my eye was the car on the front cover,
which to me looked (and still looks to me) pale blue with silver wheels.
If you have been following this blog then you know what the blue car with silver wheels mean to me as a sync sign.

Blue Cars Too

Dave Graney 'n' the Coral Snakes - 

I'm Gonna Release Your Soul

When I picked Dave's book up and had a flick through it I felt that I should buy it, so I did, even though I didn't really know much at all about Dave Graney's music.

But with the help of You Tube I soon learned about his songs and bands.

I wasn't even planning to go to Dave's talk at the festival.
I was going to see a talk by some other authors at that time of the day, but after purchasing his book I decided to go see his talk with Justin Heazlewood (The Bedroom Philosopher) and Lucky Oceans.
Dave Graney, Justin Heazlewood and Lucky Oceans at the BBWF 2013
I didn't even know much about The Bedroom Philosopher's music, either.
I went along to the talk and even picked up Justin's book, as well.
It was a good talk and I'm glad fate guided me to a talk I never would have attended if it wasn't for the car on the front of Dave's book.
You can see Justin doing a pole dance on the tent pole of the tent that the talk was held in, in the above You Tube.
From 1001 Australian Nights
In the passage above in Dave's book he mentions playing 
the Martians Cafe in Dean's Marsh.
"Martians Cafe has become a very popular music venue amongst punters and musicians alike. Artists such as Archie Roach, Chris Wilson, Dan Sultan and Rebecca Barnard have honoured our stage and have received wonderful receptions from our audiences."

Martians Cafe

Peter Carey, who was also at the Byron Bay Writers Festival, prides himself when people ask him what he is  
(referring to nationality, or place),
he replies a Martian, because he is from a town called  
Bacchus Marsh.
I use the moniker "Australien" on my email addresses, as I'm an Australian, and not very good at spelling;-)
One day I spelled Australian wrong, but liked it so much that I designed a t-shirt with that name in mind.
When I bought a copy of Bliss at the BBWF and asked Peter to sign it, I asked him to sign it to Darren the "Australien".
He seemed pretty impressed with that play on words, like he had never even seen anything like it.
Come to think of it, neither had I until the day I misspelled Australian.
My paragraph as it appears in SB2.
Now, the funny thing is last year Alan Green e-mailed me and asked me if I wanted to contribute my "2012 End of the World" predictions for The SYNC Book 2.
I wrote about one of my favourite movies Bliss 
 (based on Peter Carey's novel of the same name)
 and the main character's wondering if he had died and gone to hell when he suffered a heart attack, or whether the world was always this screwed and he wasn't really paying attention.
Peter Carey at the BBWF 2013.
There was no way I could have foreseen Peter Carey being at the 2013 Byron Bay Writers Festival the year before, as there was no mention about him coming out to Australia for this event.
He lives in New York and hasn't been to Byron bay for 2 to 3 decades.

"Mental" Syncs

Another thing I didn't realize when I saw the movie, but found out when I read the book is that the place Harry Joy heads to is the area surrounding Byron bay, near Mt.Warning/Wollumbin.
Mount Warning 
The area Peter Carey has Harry Joy do all of his tree planting later in the book Bliss is the area focused on in this book -
'Rainbow Dreaming - Tales from the Age of Aquarius'
The Rainbow Region
From 1001 Australian Nights

The Bedroom Philosopher Diaries

Also, both Justin and Dave mention the town of Goondiwindi in both of their books, which is a personal sync for me also, as I just wrote a post a while back about the town and the race horse.

Highway 42 and the Ultimate Answer?

I've had heaps of syncs reading Dave's and Justin's books, but that will be enough for this post.
Maybe the best thing that has come out of the books was discovering their back catalogue of songs on the You Tube channels.


  1. What a great series of synchros! This writers' festival is on my bucket list! It sounds great. I got a kick out of the pics of the women carrying bags of what I assume are books and other goodies from the festival.

  2. I must look out for more festivals in my area - you seem to get so much out of your visits to places like the Byron Bay Festival.

  3. @Mike
    It's probably because I let synchronicities guide me as soon as I leave home to attend this festival.While I always mark out a program of talks before I go,it is just a mud map for the day,but intuition and signs guide me around on the day.For example the Dave Graney book with the car on the cover seen earlier on in the day led me to a talk I did not plan on attending at all.
    It's always turned out a magical day for me at the BBWF,no exceptions so far.

  4. @Trish
    You should try carrying my backpack around on the day,it usually has about 12 books in it by lunchtime.It's a bit like picking up homework assignments for the rest of the year going to this event.I still have about 14 books left to read from this year's event,and still a few from the year before.It's homework I usually enjoy though.