" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 13, 2013

Mantis Being Syncs

I saw yesterday that the boys over at the It's Not Night It's Space webpage were having a $12 sale on their vinyls of  
Bowing Not Knowing To What.
 I already have a vinyl (even though I don't own a record player) and regular CD of the album, as it was part of the rewards when I sent money to get this album made in the band's Kick-starter project.

I was also reading Kim Carlsberg's beautiful coffee table book on alien inspired art called, The Art of Close Encounters.
I have never seen a strange object in the sky, never mind having been abducted, but I am open minded to this frequently reported phenomena and find the book and it's art strangely intriguing, even if only on a Jungian archetypal level.
In fact, I think even people who didn't believe in this stuff would find the artwork worth the price of the book alone.
The Art of Close Encounters
But looking at the cover of 
Bowing Not Knowing To What
and then looking at Kim's book, I was amazed at how many people seem to report these Mantis creatures.
I remember reading about them in Graham Hancock's book Supernatural, as well.

According to the Kim's  book, The Art of Close Encounters many humans claim they've been abducted by ETs that resemble praying mantises. 
Author Kim Carlsberg says these creatures often work as doctors.

Also with the first track on the above album being called 

The Gathering, I found this piece of art called The Gathering also in Kim's book quite synchy.
Kevin Halcolt from the band INNIS replied back to me when I told him about Kim's book and the Mantis beings -   
" I have met the mantids too in fact, amazingly I was also experiencing spiritual surgery, which concluded with about a.dozen of them dancing around me with Mexican style classical guitars. They were astral in my experience, made of a luminous.sparkling dust but without physical form, I was working with Pcilocybin when this happened. 
I felt purified and cared for. 
Shortly after I read the Invisibles wherein Grant Morrison featured similar beings. 
I have another friend who has encountered them via mushrooms as well. 
They are often associated with Saints and Prophets, I also associate them with ascended masters."

Close Encounters Publishing

"Kim Carlsberg wrote her first book in 1995 
Beyond My Wildest Dreams, Diary of a UFO Abductee
in which she documented her personal contact experiences. 
The release of this book is considered a milestone in contact literature and had a profound effect on those with few means to validate there own experiences. 
There collective response let Kim's second book 
The Art of Close Encounters
 where one lone voice was joined by a chorus of those others whom experienced inexplicable encounters and relationships with non-human entities.
Kim is an environmentalist and a commercial photographer who has worked with celebrities, rock stars and even US presidents. 
Her photography work has appeared in Rolling Stone magazine and Time. 
As a result of her work on the TV series Bay Watch she became the first woman accepted into the the IATSE "International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees". 
Kim has traveled though-out Europe, Africa and the Americas. 
She as the greatest affinity for the American Southwest. 
"I feel a deep resonance with the Native Indian Culture and its sacred regard for Mother Earth." 
"Unfortunately, the 'secret' places I have photographed in the past are quickly disappearing into the modern world."
Paul Van Scott: Alien UFO illuision mosaic
Dave Graney at the BBWF 2013.
I didn't know who Dave Graney was really until I saw his book cover in the BBWF shop with the blueish car on it.

If anyone who has followed my blog would know, the light blue coloured car with silver wheels is always a sign for me to follow it...and it hasn't failed me yet. 
 So, I bought his book (reading it now) and saw Dave's talk at the 'Byron Bay Writer's Festival'.
 Dave said in the talk at the BBWF that his face on the cover of that book above was made out of cut-up pictures of Pamela Anderson's breasts.
Whether that is true or not, I don't know, but the cover is made up of cut-up images, so it may be true. 
The funny thing here though is the artist Paul Van Scott, whose mosaic artworks I've been using in this post I discovered by seeing his artwork in Kim Karlsberg's book on alien art and Kim was the photographer for Baywatch and is good friends with D Hasselhoff.

In his book Dave Graney says he goes through life just following fate and intuition and following signs.
Which is weird, because that's how I decided to buy his book and see his talk.

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Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Fascinating art, synchro sequences. I'll send you a drawing of a reptilian done by an abductee who works with Xperiences, associated with Mack's institute. Very similar to the images here.