" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 20, 2016

Lizard Dreaming?

I wrote about picking up an animal magazine on my recent road-trip in the town of Manilla, and reading the magazine the other day I found an interesting article on lizards.
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It even featured the great horned lizard which I wrote about in this old post linked below -
Great Horny Toads!!!
Then I saw a news story about how lizards seem to dream when they sleep -
An Australian "bearded dragon" lizard
Australian bearded dragons experience deep sleep, dreams, scientists say
"Research in a German laboratory involving five
Australian bearded dragons indicates the reptiles may dream and could prompt a fundamental reassessment of the evolution of sleep.
Scientists said they have documented for the first time that reptiles, like people, experience rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and another sleep stage called slow-wave sleep.
Until now, only mammals and birds were known to experience these.
Because REM sleep is when dreaming occurs in people, the findings suggest that these lizards dream, too. 
But, what would bearded dragons dream about?"
I think I'll be having nightmares now after watching those great horned lizards shooting blood from their eyes like some kind of religious lizard with Stigmata-ism in the eyes gone wild;-) 
Orbs, Plasmas and Dreamtime?
How can you not be impressed by the mystery of mother nature, or God's mysterious ways?

UPDATE: 21st May, 2016 
That picture at the top of this post is a photo of a magnet I have on my fridge, I bought it a while back because I liked the circular dot paintings on it as (to me) representations of orbs, or spirit energies.
Some of my fridge magnets
I noticed the circular dot with the path leading from it to the rock would roughly be where Canberra is on a map of Australia.
Australia's capital hill, more or less, in Canberra
When I got home from my road-trip to Canberra I thought to myself, now that was one trippy trip, where should I travel next, and a thought came into my head to look at the magnet and that's where you need to think about going ... maybe not next, but soon.
It was after reading the lizard dreaming news story that I realized the lizard on the magnet lays beside that path from Canberra to Uluru.
That is my photo of the day I was in Canberra and taking a picture of my son in the doorway of Parliament house in the green t-shirt and in the afternoon he took me to the Australian War Memorial in Canberra, because I wanted to see a display in there that I heard featured my grandmother's brother, who was a WWII hero in Italy who fought along side the Partizans against the Nazis.
The Australian War Memorial in Canberra
We got there too close to closing time unfortunately and even though I felt I had a good look around in there I couldn't find anything about him and the Partizans.

I was kind of disappointed that my afternoon there ended without finding anything about him, as I used to look at his medals a lot when I was a kid, even though I was never into army stuff.
He had given his medals to my Grandmother to keep, as I think he may have had PTSD when he got back home and was trying to distance himself from the war.
He ended up going to the outback and running a pub in  
Tennant Creek for years, until retiring to Cairns before passing away in the early 90s.
I'd never been to Tennant Creek, or anywhere in the real outback of Australia, so seeing the magnet with the lizard after reading about lizard dreaming I just knew I had to make plans to visit this part of Australia for some deeper reason.
I also have a friend I used to work with and go on the occasional bush-walk who now lives at Alice Springs, so that was another reason to visit the area, as well.
Then this morning I see this news story -
Alice Springs surrounds rocked by magnitude 5.9 earthquake
"An earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9, unusually powerful for Australia, has hit outside of Alice Springs this morning.
The quake struck just before 4:00am some 460 kilometres south-west of Alice Springs at a shallow depth of 10 kilometres, the US Geological Survey said.
There are no reports of damage or casualties and the USGS said there was a low likelihood of either.
The Bureau of Meteorology said there is no risk of a tsunami.
Geoscience Australia said it could have been felt as far as 507 kilometres from its epicentre, although any damage would be limited to a 40 kilometre radius.
NT Police duty superintendent Angela Stringer said: "It occurred in the middle of the desert and as far as we can tell it was far from any community and there have been no reports of injuries or damage.
"From a geological perspective, it's pretty spectacular but we don't see it as anything more than that at this time."
The nearest Indigenous community settlements were well over 100 kilometres away from the earthquake's epicentre.
The strongest recorded quake to hit Australia was a magnitude 6.6 earthquake which hit the small mining town of Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, in January 1988, according to Geoscience Australia."
I had never known Tennant Creek holds the record for the biggest earthquake to hit the Australian mainland ... and in the year 1988, the year I got married, too:-)
I couldn't help smirking when I saw that there was no risk of a tsunami hitting the middle of the desert, as I had just written about this movie in a recent post -
Orbs, Plasmas and Dreamtime?
and that title of "The Last Wave" and the above movie poster image reminded me of another post I wrote and the wave painting by Megan MacGregor -
The Port Macquarie Obelisk
I guess I had better start packing for my trip to the outback then;-)

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