" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 4, 2016

The Port Macquarie Obelisk

When I was walking the path along the beachfront at  
Port Macquarie on the Friday morning that I was there, I saw something of an artificial formation at the top of a hill on the beach and decided to explore getting up to it to see what it was.
The hill with the obelisk on top.

The hill with the obelisk jutting out to the sea in the distance.
But apparently it was an unofficial path according to the sign that greets you if you wish to proceed to the top.  
Trust me to be wearing thongs (flip-flops for you American readers) while climbing this hill.
Yeah, it is a dangerous climb, but it's not like you' ll die, more like you could break an arm, or leg at the worst.
Unless you venture off to the side and then maybe you could die, but if you stick to the path you'll be right, so go ahead and break a leg, as they say in the theater. 
The path is pretty much the groove you might be able to see in the photo above. 
Just don't stray from the path, unless you like your scotch on the rocks...if you know what I'm saying. 
When you make it to the top you are met with this
Now, this blew me away as Henry Gardner had drowned trying to save the life of John Hume
I was heading for Canberra and to get there I would have to travel the HUME highway.
This seemed to be a real tragic spot by the plaques stuck onto this obelisk and I couldn't help but feel sad for the loss of life that happened around here...and may happen around here in the future...and I'm not an empath either.
To me there seemed to be a certain timelessness here.
Whether it was just the waves crashing onto the rocks below swaying me into a hypnotic kind of trance, or just my imagination running wild, I couldn't tell.
But later that night I read a blog-post at my friend's blog called
Residual Energy and the Wave
which sent chills up my spine, as the sound of the ocean waves seemed like residual energy waves sending me to the time of the drownings somehow, or bringing that time into my time.
Just my imagination?
I also realized that April 15th (the day I climbed this hill) was the day the Titanic sank, as well as the Hillsborough football stadium disaster, and the Boston Marathon bombings, which also was the date that my friends had posted the residual wave post.  
Megan MacGregor's (residual?) wave painting

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