" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 9, 2016


Is life set out on a predetermined path, or is it just random meanderings with seemingly coincidental WTF(?) moments crossing our paths, or a bit of both
I recently went on a road-trip from my hometown of Brisbane  
(home also to Michael and Peter Spierig, the directors and writers of the movie Predestination) to the top of Australia's highest peak (Mount Kosciuszko) and back.
What got me thinking about "Predestination", both the film and the concept, was hearing Chad Morgan sing the song,
"I'm My Own Grandpa", a song which the movie uses, as well.
 I wrote about crossing paths with Chad Morgan in my last post in the link below -
Women Are Always Right?-)
But going to see Chad was something I had not planned on doing when I left Brisbane, as I had no idea he would be playing down where I would be staying for the night before heading off to Canberra the next day to visit my son and watch my football team the Sharks play the Canberra hometown-side.  
View of Mount Kosciuszko from the east with snow
I hadn't even planned to climb
Mount Kosciuszko until just about a week before I left Brisbane, because I realized it didn't snow in April (this red phrase will be important in a later post) on the mountain, so I would be able to walk to the top without much trouble, so I extended my trip down there to do it. 
Me on top of  Mount Kosciuszko April 21st, 2016
At this point of time looking back at that trip and the world and local events that synced to my journey I tend to see that trip as some kind of shamanic journey, one on which I'm still on ... but that seemed like an important journey within the greater journey that I'm on, whether that journey is real, or just imagined by me. 

It all seemed like an accidental initiation, as my friend Andras Jones would probably say, to a larger one that I'm now on.
I'm still digesting that road trip and have quite a few more posts yet to write about it, as it definitely was an important pivot point in my life, I feel.
I also find the song "I'm My Own Grandpa" quite eerie, as being a believer in the theory of reincarnation it's never lost on me that with my grandfather dying before I was born, I could technically be my own grandpa as well ... although I doubt it.
Sound nuts?-)
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