" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 11, 2011

Story About a Bridge

* The Story Bridge,  Brisbane * Painting by Starr *
My favourite bridge in Brisbane is the Story Bridge named after  
John Douglas Story, which connects the suburbs of 
 Kangaroo Point and Fortitude Valley together.
The Story Bridge 
I spent some time last year under the bridge taking some photos and contemplating the magnificence of it ... and no I wasn't high;-)
Kangaroo Point side of the Story Bridge
I like to think that in many ways, that I too, am like a story bridge, connecting the stories from others to those who may not have been connected to them unless they had come across me first to point them in the right direction (being an Aussie, maybe that makes me a kind of Kangaroo Pointer, as well?- )
Looking Towards the Fortitude Valley side.
It's great to sit under the bridge and watch all the traffic going past ... under and over it, while me and a few kookaburras have a laugh to ourselves about people running around like headless chickens instead of taking time to smell the wattles with us.
Kookaburra that came to sit with me. (click to make bigger)
Sometimes you just have to get out of the traffic, take a detour and just sit  underneath the bridge to watch the wheels go round and the world float by,
There's a great park under the Kangaroo Point end
and recount all those wonderful story bridges we have crossed, built by others who have come before us, to connect us to some real special places we probably would not of traveled  to, if those bridges would not have been constructed.
Just a random book to illustrate my metaphor
We're all bridge builders in a way, especially bloggers, who not only tell their own stories, but connect other fellow commuters on the superhighway to other worthwhile destinations worth having a look at.
And as I sit here under a story bridge I can't help but admire the great bridge builders of the world and that's nearly every person I come across in the blog world.
Alice in BrizVegas? Well, she is looking towards Alice St;-)
Anyway, time to pull my head out of Wonderland and get back to the reality of Oz;-)
And if you like the paintings on this post, you can checkout some more of Starr's paintings here, just follow this link,I mean bridge;

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  1. Pretty awesome and the bridges. Thanks for connecting us to new friends and places we might not have known. I think this is a community we are creating here... with a way to connect the world in a life changing way...for the better of human kind.
    Thank you.