" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 18, 2011

After Death Communication? Part 1 (Birds, Butterflies and Bows)

Rainbow Lorikeets on my Mother-In-Law's back Veranda
Can birds, butterflies, or even such things as rainbows be sent as a message of comfort from above, to give a grieving mourner a sign that the person they cared for in this life is alive in some way, still?
In a dimension that we can not perceive of as yet?
My own story about what I strongly believe to be an "After Death Communication" involving  Rainbow Lorikeets is told here -
John and the Wild Parrots
(for those of you who don't want to read about it once more in this post).
In my ignorance on bird species at the time I referred to them as parrots. 
Although they are called Rainbow Lorikeets here, they are still a species of parrot.
You can find out more about them here, if you would like to;
Rainbow Lorikeet
A Rainbow Lorikeet Boomarang?-)
I've been reading an excellent little book called Hello From Heaven by Bill & Judy Guggenheim.
It is literally just case after case of people who have claimed some form of communication with a friend, relative or loved one, after that friend, relative or loved one have passed on.
It is a great book for people who may be questioning their own sanity, or feel they are in a unique situation when something like this happens to them.
I would like to include one such story from the book ... at the risk of being sued;- )/: - ( 

From pages 221-222 of Hello From Heaven
" Mary Kate is a bookkeeper for a business in Washington.
Her husband, Stewart, died of leukemia at age 48.
Stewart's dream from childhood was to have his own airplane, and after we found he had leukemia, we bought one.
Those five years we had with that plane were the happiest he had ever been.
Stewart loved flying and the freedom he had in the air, and he loved the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
Around three weeks after his death, I was planning to go back to work for the first time - and I was dreading it! 
I was sitting at my dining room table just crying and crying.
Then I looked out at our deck.
The biggest seagull I have ever seen in my life was perched right on the corner of the railing, looking in at me as if to say,"You can make it!"
I live about 350 miles inland from the coast, and I had never seen a seagull in my yard or on my deck - ever! 
So I got in the car, and the seagull followed me all the way to work!
Time after time after that, while going to work, I would look up and see this seagull following me.
It was so clear to me  that this bird was sent from heaven to uplift my spirits and give me courage to go on.
I feel that Stewart was there with me at the time looking over me.
It made me realize that he is okay, that he's not suffering anymore, and that he's free to fly through the heavens like he did when he was here."
Richard Bach's Jonathan Livingston Seagull has inspired millions of readers to consider the possibility that life is eternal.
After Jonathan dies and enters a new world, he encounters a teacher who encourages him to work on his lessons of kindness and love. 
 I know others who have similar stories to Mary's and mine to tell about bird visitations, like Jeni, who sometimes comments here.
Memories to Cherish
Jeni sees the Cardinal as her messenger and you can read all about those experiences at her blog by clicking on the above link.
Other people see other birds, butterflies, rainbows and all sorts of objects as,"After Death Communications" from loved ones.
If you're interested in these sorts of experiences, then I would recommend you read this book, or visit the website for further information on the subject matter.
 I was trying to find a story on YouTube where singer Pete Murray talks about the appearance of a butterfly at a friend's funeral, to illustrate a butterfly ADC.
I'm yet to find it ... but I came across a film-clip to a song of his called 
-Saving Grace  which "coincidentally" is the chapter I'm up to in Hello From Heaven.
And if you view the clip you'll see that the lyrics and visuals are probably about being reunited with a loved one who has passed on.
It's a great little clip and if you've not heard of Pete Murray, I would urge you to listen to his other songs as well.
Coincidentally again, he grew up in a small town in Queensland called Miles, where my Nan (from my dad's side of the family) grew up.
I remember going to my Great Grandmother's funeral in Miles at about the age of ten and thinking,"who would want to live out here?" 
To me it was like the end of the world, it's as far west as I have ever traveled in Australia, and I have lived here all of my 46 years. 
I really need to do some traveling;-)  
In fact, that above clip reminds me of the long boring drive that I embarked on with my Nan and Father as we drove through the wheat fields from Brisbane to Miles on the way to my Great Gran-mother's funeral.
I could have used some lyrics in the sky to break the monotony of the drive and all of those wheat fields.
Well, the coincidences just won't stop coming, I found a clip of Pete singing this song, which I never before today knew he had sung.
It relates to an earlier post about my synchro with the Neil Young song Comes a Time (click on link below to read that post)
Comes a Time??? 
What a web is being woven here?
(This clip below I put in for Jeni. I think the lyrics will mean a lot to you Jeni)
I finally found a clip where Pete talks about the Butterfly ADC.
Here it is below in Pete's own words (with a little help from an audience member, too)
And here is a Rainbow story from Hello from Heaven to round the set off.
What's that knocking I can hear coming from my front door?
An ADC, or the Guggenheim's lawyer's?-)
"Victoria is a homemaker in Manitoba, Canada.
Her husband and she shared this wonderful symbolic ADC 15 years after their daughter, Gail, died in an automobile accident at age 19: 
Last year we went to The Compassionate Friends picnic.
It was a bright, sunny day without a cloud in the sky.
At the end of the picnic, we all released helium balloons, and to ours I attached a note to Gail from all of us.
The last line said,"Wishing you lots of rainbows, Sweetheart."
Then off it went into the atmosphere.
As we were leaving the park, we looked at the clear blue sky, and there was a rainbow from horizon to horizon! 
My husband and I looked at each other and I said, "Gail got our message and is sending one back to us!"
The park is about twenty-two miles from our home, and that rainbow followed us all the way! 
As we got back into town, my husband said, "Take a look, honey!"
It had become a gorgeous double rainbow!
We stood beside the car holding hands, just looking at the sky."
So maybe a Rainbow Lorikeet can be considered the animal version of a double rainbow message? 


  1. Wow....I love this post!! Thank you for mentioning my Mary blog :)! Wait til you see my next blog.... i had surgery yesterday and on the way to the hospital, a female cardinal flew right in front of me. Then when I came home at 8:45 at night a red cardinal was at the tip of my roof singing his cardinal song.... beautiful!!! Amazing!!! I know Mary was with me :).

    I have that book & loved it. I didn't get to finish it because I gave it away to someone who had just lost someone close. I've been meaning to buy another one. I will now. Thanks so much for passing it on!
    I just started to read "Heaven is for Real"... that true story of the 4 year old who saw heaven while he was having surgery. YOu hear of it?
    BTW: I started a facebook page:

  2. Beautiful sequence here, Daz!
    Here's a rainbow synchro for you. I think we mentioned it in 7 secrets: the day that commentator Tim Russert's memorial service, a group sang Somewhere Over the Rainbow.

    Keith Ofter the servicelbermann walked outside the church - and a double rainbow crossed the sky. It's a sychnro of the first order - and certainly a communication from Russert. Olbermann comment on that rainbow on his show the next night - but called it a "coincidence."

    Ha. No such thing.

  3. Jeni,
    I hope you recover well from your operation,and I'm sure your sister is giving you signs through the cardinals.I'm thinking of getting more copies of "Hello From Heaven" to give out to friends,as well.
    I haven't heard of the book "Heaven is for Real",I'll put it on my to read list,although if you saw my books that I'm yet to read, you would think it was an assignment sent from "Mission Impossible".-)

  4. Trish,
    I think I remember reading that story on your blog somewhere.I have never seen a double rainbow...not that I can remember,anyhow.But I'll keep my eye out for them from now on...and my camera ready,too.
    I have a syncro involving a green frog like the one you put on your blog about Costa Rica the other day,I'll have to put that up here sometime,also.
    Just too many synchros and not enough time too write about them all :-(