" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 2, 2011

The Bird that Flew into the Window

The original post I had here got lost when I tried to re-edit it, to update my story with a synchro that relates to a few unrelated incidents, so I had to try to remember what was written here and salvage a lot of it from a comment I had made at Trish's blog.
I'll do the update as a separate post above, as I'm not game to lose any more previous posts.
The Sacred Kingfisher that hit my window
It was stunned for about 15 minutes
The weekend of Feb 13/14, 20011, I was watching a DVD in the living room, and all of a sudden this loud bang came off my window.
At first I thought someone had thrown or hit a ball into my window.
I opened the front door to look and see what was happening (because the window is covered with a wooden blind, and sits behind a sofa bed) and to my surprise I see a little strange bird standing on the veranda with it's body facing one way and it's neck facing the other.
I thought it must have broken it's neck, and would surely die.
So I went inside to get a box to put it in, and to grab my camera (so I could show the wife what a strange bird it was).
I stayed with it for a good quarter of an hour, as it slowly seemed to regain consciousness (it was conscious when I first got to it, but it seemed to be quite dazed).
I took a few photos of it, and then opened the front door to get the box for it, but the noise of the door opening must have startled it, and it flew off.
I have never seen that type of bird around here before, and I haven't seen one since.
I didn't even know what type of bird it was.
I was trying to work out if this incident was some type of message for me, or not.
If it was, it went over the top of my head.
The message may not even be for me, it could be for somebody out there in blog-land reading this post and I'm just a messenger passing it on.
It seemed important for some subconscious reason I can't explain.
If there is no message there for anyone, at least I've got some cute bird pictures to show;-)
The book that helped me identify the bird
That's the window the bird hit
Here's a photo of the stain glass type sticker that I placed on the window, which the bird flew into.
The Sacred Kingfisher sticker ...
the exact type of bird that hit this window


  1. Yay! You have a blog,finally!! We'll put up a link.

  2. Doesn't this little guy have a beak like a kukaburra? (spelling, not sure on that!)

  3. Well, he sure is cute and I am glad he's okay!

  4. Re:
    "Yay! You have a blog,finally!!"

    I wouldn't call it a blog exactly.It's just some place to put photos and a few designs,etc,for others to take a look at, this stage anyway...there won't be any profound words of wisdom to read here.
    It's more like my internet storage attic,were people can have a fossic around,and dig through some junk that I've thrown in there.

  5. He/she does have a beak similar to a Kookaburra,Trish...but he/she looks more like some sort of Kingfisher,to me.
    I'll have to try and find out what it is.
    That might be the clue I need to find out what message there was for me,if any.

    ...and d,the bird flew away,but I don't really know if it lived.It took a real hard hit for it's size.Let's just hope it survived.

  6. He just reminds me of the kukaburras that used to be in a pet store here.

  7. daz - we set up a mirror site for synchro blog just in case the hack happens again. It's a work in progress!

  8. Re:
    "C'mon, time for new post Daz!"

    There has been 2 new posts before this comment was placed.I think you've just bookmarked this post instead of my home page.
    Go to the top and click on "Just Watching the Wheels Go Round" and it will take you to the current stories...but I won't be putting up new posts,unless I really have something to say that can't be expressed without pictures.

    Cheers / Daz

  9. Hi Daz, Nice to see you. I took a look at Zazzle and I couldn't find your stuff.??
    I got my business cards from there...wayyyyy cool.

  10. Hi Nat,

    It's not that great,anyway...but copy and paste this link into your browser,if you want to take a look.

    I only do it for fun,not really to make money.
    They're mainly things I might want to by at a later date,really.The cups are good,and I've got some magnets,but I haven't bought any clothing lines,so I don't know what they are like.

  11. Kingfishers are beautiful birds but often difficult to see - at least they are here in England.

    We had a trio of birds hitting our glass patio doors. Unfortunately one died but the other two survived - though they were quite stunned at first. I couldn't find any message in this happening, other than things appear to often come in threes.

  12. I haven't seen a Kingfisher in the wild since that day,but I have to say that this little blue bird has lead me down paths I would not have trodden if it wasn't for this event happening.I see it as a sign that I should take particular interest in if this symbol appears in my life from now on,for some reason.A bit like the black cat in the Matrix films (another sign I should lookout for).If I see a sign similar to this bird,it is the universes way of saying I need to pay attention here.
    I will give an example which occurred this weekend at the Writer's festival and will back my story with pictures later on,in a blog post...I'm still mulling over that situation at the moment...but it is an example of what the bird sync means,sometimes we just have to take note of a situation and let things peculate a while until they are ready to drink in.
    When I see this symbol crashing into my life it's like I need to open the door and take a closer look at the situation,like I actually did on the day the bird hit my window.I could have just shrugged the thump in the window off as boys hitting a tennis ball into the window,and not even have bothered getting up to take a look, and just carried on watching the movie,but I think life has been a little richer since I ventured out to take that look.
    As Paul Kelly (who I met at Byron) sings
    "From Little Things,Big Things Grow"
    (and for those who are thinking,
    but Paul didn't write it...
    I was Kev Carmody,the great Aboriginal singer from my hometown Brisbane),
    but Paul brought it into mainstream attention for Kev.

  13. Hi Darren!
    I so agree that there is some reason this happened, as there are no accidents. Often the timing of what your thoughts were, what you were doing, at that exact moment can be revealing. I loved reading about the compassion you showed this bird. Is there someone you were showing compassion to in your life after this incident? Don't know, but just a thought.

    So happy to visit here on your beautiful blog... Goodness, I'm at the coffee shop and just now this guy says loudly "Hi (so and so), This is Darren." Synchronistic!