" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 4, 2016

Hymn for the Weekend on Any Given Sunday?

A sync-head friend of mine named Will Morgan (no, not the murdered Anti-Freemason from way back) posted the latest Coldplay video in a Facebook group of synch-heads and posed the question, "How do we start this conversation?"
Foxx? Blackstar?

Well, since Coldplay are the half-time entertainment on Superbowl Sunday, which also happens to be the new year's eve of the Chinese Year of the Fire Monkey in The States, but will already be 
The  Year of the Monkey in Australia, where I'll be watching the game live on Monday morning Oz time, I thought that it seemed a bit of a "coincidence" considering that the first song off  
Coldplay's new album featured them as a bunch of monkeys.
Not to mention that their latest song, Hymn for the Weekend, seems to make for a great football song with lyrics like "drunk and high" repeated throughout the song.
Will even points out in a comment ("Year of the Hanuman.... As shown in the video") that in the Hymn for the Weekend film clip there is a half human, half monkey god.
Foxx? Blackstar?
I also find it ironic with all the black star controversy hitting the Oscars this year that Will Smith's movie about concussion in the NFL gets knocked on the head not making it into the AAs nominations for the awards night. 

 Hmm...or should that be Hymn?-) 
The Broncos 39 year old quarter-back Peyton Manning.
Interesting also that Any Given Sunday is also about a 39 year old quarter-back, and how old is the Denver Bronco's quarter-back Peyton Manning?
39 year old quarter-back  Jack 'Cap' Rooney
I wonder if Coldplay will sing this song at the Superbowl?
I guess it doesn't matter what they sing, or wear really.
On a personal synch note, since my team the Seahawks aren't there this year and I have a panther tattoo on my right shoulder and can't stand my hometown football team, The Brisbane Broncos, I'm going for the Panthers.
Will Morgan's reply to me when I told him I was going for the Panthers was, "I'm in Denver.. Jerk."
Also, the Panthers colours are blue, black and silver and the football team I go for in Australia have blue, black and white as their colours.
Not only that, but the team in the movie Any Given Sunday are also the Sharks.
So, come Moonday in Australia I guess I'll be like a lot of other monkeys around the world sitting in front of the monolith watching a circus full of the stars while eating my bread ;-)
The Monolith of the Shaman?
Go the Panthers!!!


  1. Maybe the big surprise will be that both teams are replaced by Bowie clones, one team will be dead/zombie Bowies, the other will be still alive. That'll give those 'Bowie is still alive' folks something of a concussion.

  2. So if I were a gambler, I now know where to put my $!