" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 3, 2016

Lightning in My Blood/Shamanism and Lightning

I bought a book called , Lightning in My Blood a few weeks ago from a $2 book clearance sale from a big internet bookstore, not that I knew anything about the author, or his book, but because I'm interested in Shamanism and at two bucks it seemed worth a gamble.
I'm half way through the book right now, so I can't really give my assessment about the book yet, but it's strangely compelling, but just how believable the author's stories are on a factual basis I have no idea, as thoughts of con-man authors such as  
Tuesday Lobsang Rampa are hard to shake off for me as I read along.
These stories James Endredy tells ring true on some level, even if he has just pinched the stories from other shamans on his travels and made them his own for the sake of selling a few books.
Lightning strikes just metres away from two men in Sydney
Anyway, this post was more about James writing that many people who become shamans only do so after surviving a lightning hit, or other such life threatening situation.
Obviously the guys in the above You Tube don't count as they didn't get hit by the lightning strike.
Card #16? 2016?
Is Chris Martin singing these lyrics in front of a tower structure?
But it got me to thinking back to an earlier post of mine involving a radio DJ from Byron Bay getting an indirect hit from a lightning strike and whether I should follow his progress from now on to see if he goes the way of the shaman, or not.
Chris Mackey's Synchronicity Interview with Mitch Foy
Mitch Foy struck by lightning at his Mullumbimby property
Simon talks to Mitchell Flash Gordon Foy about his lightning strike experience

Maybe Mitch now has enough lightning in his blood, too?-)

James Endredy


  1. I really dislike the tower card. After 9-11, it appeared in a lot of readings.

  2. I used the card for it's lightning image and also because it's the 16th card and this year is 2016 and it is a leap year, also. ;-)