" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 14, 2016

My Rainbow Lorikeet Encounter

I wrote about my owl encounter at the the  
Macadamia Castle and Animal Fun Park on the start of my weekend of the shamanic conference at Byron Bay in this post in the red link below -
Are the Owls What They Seem?
But, I also had an amusing encounter with another bird species which have played a big part in my life, unlike owls have... 
the rainbow lorikeet.
I had just past a couple of goats on my walk around the animal park and was thinking how most of the animals I had encountered on my walk around the park were like living symbols for me in a way, for instance, when I went past these goats pictured above it was Friday the 6th of February and still the Year of the Goat and I was hoping to get back to Brisbane on Sunday night to celebrate the  
Year of the Monkey up at the local Chinese temple, which I did and have written about that night in this post in the red link below-
2016: Year of the Fire Monkey
There were no monkeys at the animal park, although after I walked past the goats there was a large duck pond and I did have duck in plum sauce on the Sunday night before I went up to the temple (which observes vegetarianism), so I guess there is a bit of guilt there as I look back at the pictures I took of the ducks frolicking around the pond on Friday.
But that's life on earth I guess, animals eat other animals, so be it.
And I think ducks are delicious, so they are still on the menu for me, sorry.   

Magpie Tale: Chinatown, My Chinatown

I found these two interesting (to me anyway) duck tales while trying to find an image of ducks hanging in shop windows in Chinatown.

The Roast Duck Bureaucracy

I  thought the number of that restaurant pictured above went well with the 69 theme I wrote about in the post in the red link below -

Is 69 the new 42?
I was about to leave the animal park when I reached this tree near the exit of the park, as it was threatening to rain again and I had walked around most of the park anyway, but I noticed another path which led down the fence on the opposite side of the duck pond and thought I had better take a look for some reason.
Turned out to be a rainbow lorikeet in a cage right down in the corner of the park. 
And I've written posts about the strange and spooky synchronicities I've had with these birds in the past.
After Death Communication? Part 1 (Birds, Butterflies and Bows)
Hummingbird Syncs?
I was amazed that as soon as I took the first photo of the bird feeding in it's bowl it turned around and flew straight at me and started looking at me like I was the one in the cage instead.
I've got to say here that I'm against birds being in cages (even this big) and think it's cruel to keep a flying animal in a cage of any kind...says the hypocrite who eats ducks you're probably thinking to yourself?-) 
I wish I had of thought of using the video function of my phone at the time, as this bird really put on a show for me and it kept trying to angle itself as if to make sure it could look at me eye to eye.
It was like the bird was trying to look into my soul and tell me something, not that I knew what though.
I was so impressed by this encounter with the rainbow lorikeet that I purchased a resin bird to take home from the animal park's gift shop and place in my living room, as a reminder of the day.
Oddly enough, the cage right next to the rainbow lorikeet had a Black Cockatoo in it.
All it wanted to do was show off it's tail feathers to me, which I remembered was the kind of feather that Xavier Rudd had talked about in his introduction to his song Spirit Bird.
Spirit Bird 2
I  had never seen a Black Cockatoo this close in real life before.
And I had certainly never seen a chook like this one, which was just walking around the park free to go where it wanted by the looks.

I even thought I would walk past the owls I took photos of when I first entered the park, but they looked like they had enough excitement for one day and didn't give a hoot if I was leaving ;-)
 I had a good day with my bird encounters, so it was a pity that I didn't have a Twitter account, as it would have been something to Tweet about. :-)

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