" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 17, 2016

Pigs on the Wing?

Bryan Itch mural for the pig farm transcending - Starseed Gardens
I read a notification in a Facebook group that I'm in by  
Andras Jones the other day that read,
"Here's what I was doing last night. Fans of the R8B might recognize Donna Ogden from the August 2014 event grooving along at the end of the video."
I like that latticework that runs down the centre of the roof. Very Tommy looking I think.

Henry Kenneth Alfred "Ken" Russell 

(3 July 1927 – 27 November 2011)

My cheap department store PF t-shirt.
Since I was wearing my Pink Floyd shirt for about the first time in 2016 ... in fact I'm sure it was the first time in 2016, because the weather has been too hot since Christmas too wear this shirt and I've been wearing cooler shirts, fabric wise cooler that is, so I saw this as a sync and responded  by writing, "Weird, because I'm wearing my Dark side of the Moon T-shirt now and last weekend I met a guy at a shamanic conference who was painting a mural there with a pig in it because he told me that Starseed Gardens was an old pig farm and this was his way of cleansing the land's past sins. 
I then ran into him a few days later in Byron Bay at a restaurant called The Ginger Pig, although I was eating steak, because I don't eat pig."
Bryan Itch who painted the pig mural at Starseed Gardens. Photo: Jennifer Casidy
I watched Bryan painting this mural on Friday evening while I was waiting for Daniel Pinchbeck's talk to start and Bryan was telling me
Starseed Gardens used to be a pig farm property and this was his way of transforming the karma of the past history of the place and bringing it into line with what the new owners are all about.
I hope I got that right.
An old tank at Starseed Gardens transformed.
Apparently the organizers of the Somara event were going to have two of these put up, but they thought that might make things two tents over the weekend and just suck with the one:-)
Kate Miller-Heidke on stage at Byron Bay Feb 11th, 2016
Oddly enough, I went down to Byron Bay with my brother to see  
Kate Miller-Heidke play the Byron Bay Community Centre on the following Thursday and as I was having a pre-show dinner at  
The Ginger Pig, in walks Bryan Itch.
You might not think that's weird, but I just can't shake it:-)
Congratulations on the pregnancy Kate:-) 
For those who can't understand Australian, here's the song with the lyrics.
UPDATE: 17th February, 2016.
Threading the eye of the needle?-) 
 A Facebook friend of mine just posted this essay at the  
Evolve and Ascend website -
"Interesting that the components of a record player are called the arm, the needle, and the spindle. 
These three words all invoke sewing with thread. 
It is as if the needle pulling thread represents Theseus moving toward the center of the record, where the minotaur dwells. 
Our journey through the album’s music mirrors Joseph Campbell’s idea of the Hero’s Journey. We must endure. 
Upon arriving at the center, the needle lifts and takes flights, returns to its resting point. Perhaps this represents the flight of Daedelus and Icarus out of the labyrinth of Crete."  
"Unlike a maze, which is full of traps and dead ends, a labyrinth is built from one continuous circuit that eventually reaches a center. 
The most simple labyrinth would be a pure spiral. 
Merging the image of a labyrinth with the wax material, I think of a vinyl record with its continuous movement towards the center."
The Secret of 'The Revenant' 

The Revenant - Fan Poster

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