" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 28, 2016

Will It Be a Lovely Day for George on Oscar Night?

I have to say that my heart is divided on who should get the 'Best Director' Oscar tomorrow night.
Having seen most of the films up for grabs this year, I have to say my favourite is The Revenant and it should take away 'Best Film', but I think it is 50/50 when it comes to 'Best Director', as I personally think (and do remember I am an Australian, so my vision may be a bit clouded here;-) that Mad Max: Fury Road would have been a slightly harder film to direct than The Revenant, especially when George had to put up with that little prima donna Quentin Kenihan, who played Corpus Colossus.
Kenihan didn't get the name Dr. Plonk from starring in a movie of the same name, he got it from turning up legless on the set of  Mad Max: Fury Road every morning and complaining to George that his bar fridge's premium Champagne, which was full the night before, was now empty. 
And that thousand dollar- a- day cocaine habit of his is fairly evident in this recent You Tube filmed in a bathroom no less (favourite hangouts of Coke-heads) where Kenihan doesn't even hide the fact he is sniffing Coke through his cocaine dispenser.
It's quite clear that Q is a member of the Russell Crowe Rat-Pack, as well, as on the back of Kenihan's wheelchair can be seen the South Sydney Rabbitoh's white rabbit, a sure sign of a man with a big drug habit who is always chasing the white rabbit.
And let's be honest here, Q only was kept in this movie because of the implied threat with that white rabbit on the back of Quentin's wheelchair that Russell Crowe would not be happy if his little drinking buddy was dropped from this film.
George was well aware that 30 Odd Foot of Grunts (did I spell that band's name right?-) could easily turn up at George's next backyard BBQ and make life in his neighbourhood quite unpleasant on the ears.
George Miller
Now, if George doesn't deserve the 'Best Director' Oscar for working under pressures like that, which can probably not even be surpassed in horror by Leo's bear attack scene in The Revenant, then I don't know who does deserve that Oscar.
But all joking aside, (that wasn't a joke about Russell's band though;-) Happy 40th Birthday Quentin, I love ya and I wish you and the gang from Mad Max a night (Monday morning in Australia) of gold.
My tips for tomorrow -
Best Film - The Revenant.
Best Actor - Eddie Redmayne.
Best Actress - Kate Blanchett
Best Director - George Miller.
Best Supporting Actress - Rooney Mara.
Best Supporting Actor - Christian Bale.
Best Animated Movie - Anomalisa.

And don't blame me if you are stupid enough to put money on those tips of mine.
Cheers and I'll be watching the event live in a Brisbane cinema cheering you and the Mad Max gang on to a lovely day hopefully Q.

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