" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 14, 2021

He's the Guy with the Owl that landed on that Kaiser Drive Street SIGN?-)

Paranormal Thoughts Podcast on owls/signs
What the Carl Heck ... Kaiser Drive?-)
I listened to the latest
'Paranormal Thoughts' podcast last night (which is about 2 months old) which featured the "Owl Guy"
Mike Clelland talking to host Dylan about owl coincidences ... especially the owl that landed on a street sign where Dylan used to live, and he revealed the name of the street sign in that podcast episode, since he doesn't live there anymore.
The street sign was for a street named Kaiser Drive, which seems to be from my research using Google Maps, a street/drive which is U shaped and runs off Carl Heck Blvd. at both ends.
KAISER - Surname Meaning and Family History
Ah the cosmic trickster at work it seems ... and I ain't talking about Satan, the devil, or some other mythological figure fundamentalist Christians love wetting their pants about?
I talking about the same "God"/force that you guys pray to as well.
There is only one great force running the show, no matter what you want to call it in my books.
And that "God" must be the "God" of all living things, right?
Welcome to the Jung/Owl?
Everybody just loves a good scary story I guess, no matter what you believe in, right?
Not that I think anyone in this post is telling fibs, I just think it's funny how LIE is embedded in the word BELIEVE:-)
That's my hand in that Shaman Oaks video BTW:-)
I guess the funny thing here is that I'm the connecting principle who made it possible for these podcasts to come together as they have at this point in time, but I'm just a messenger, I think -
Susy Smith [19112001]
Susy Smith, Gary Schwartz, Serial Coincidences and Super Synchronicity?

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