" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 5, 2016

Life is Like a Movie?

I saw this quote on a cinema wall today and thought, but I know how Henson died and I don't think it would have passed with a test screening audience's approval. 
Jim Henson
"On May 12, 1990, Henson traveled to Ahoskie, North Carolina, with his daughter Cheryl, to visit his father and stepmother. 
They both returned to New York on May 13, and Henson cancelled a Muppet recording session scheduled for May 14.
That night, Henson's wife Jane, from whom he was separated, came to visit for the last time. Hours later, on May 15, Henson was having trouble breathing and began coughing up blood. He suggested to his wife that he might be dying, but did not want to take time from his schedule to visit a hospital. 
Jane later stated that while Henson's Christian Science upbringing "affect his general thinking", it did not have any influence on his postponement of medical treatment, and still later told People magazine that his avoidance was likely due to his desire not to be a bother to anyone.
His stepmother and others also denied rumors that Henson's Christian Science beliefs might have contributed to his death, as Henson had ceased practicing in his early 20s.
Two hours later, Henson finally agreed to go to New York Hospital in New York City
By the time he was admitted shortly after 4:00 am, he could no longer breathe on his own, and an X-ray revealed he had abscesses in his lungs. 
He was placed on a mechanical ventilator to help him breathe, but his condition deteriorated rapidly despite aggressive treatment with multiple antibiotics. 
Less than 24 hours later on May 16, 1990, Henson died at the age of 53"
These days the studios would have made him re-write that ending to make it happier for sure.
Most of us are lousy scriptwriters when it comes to 
"writing our own endings" judging by most headstones I've read in walks through cemeteries.
I also saw this one above at the same cinema, which made another famous Australian movie quote come to mind.
I'm just glad there are no Oscars given out for quotes from the movie industry.
 I saw Mel Gibson's new movie at this cinema today.
And ... SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen 'Blood Father' ... 
Mel Gibson (as John Link) gets killed at the end of the movie. 
Good movie, too...but now I've wrecked the ending for you if you haven't seen it and kept reading past the spoiler alert warning back there.
I don't think we will be seeing that quote of Mel's above on any cinema walls somehow.
But if Amy is going to cover her boobs with booze bottles on magazine covers she is only going to encourage the guys that like to have a couple to drink before a show.
Watch Amy Schumer Shut Down A Heckler During A Recent Stand-Up Show
Amy Schumer Gets Heckled in Stockholm
Amy Absolut-ly drank that guy under the table in Sweden in that video above, but I would love to see her go drink for drink with Mel.
Now that would be a quote off of Oscar proportions I think.
Life and movie quotes are enough to drive you to drink I think, which is probably why the Jim Henson quote in the cinema is placed on a wall next to a bar.
And we know the best quotes are said after a few drinks,
don't we?-)
Maybe this Woody Allen quote below should be placed next to Jim Henson's quote on the cinema wall?-)
But maybe not this Mel Gibson quote next to Woody's
Time for a refill, I think:-)

UPDATE: 6th Sept, 2016
I should mention that after the movie there was an ibis hanging around my car which I had parked in the street behind the cinema in Amy Street.
Being into shamanism and other esoteric subjects at the moment I thought this might be a message from the universe for me.
I'm reading a book at the moment called 'The Book of Secrets' by Daniel Pineda and there is a chapter on 
'Animals and Spiritual Beings', one of them being mentioned is the ibis
Daniel writes, 
"The ibis is sacred to Thoth, the Egyptian god of writing (possibly due to it's lengthy beak, which looks very similar to a stylus).
It hunts for worms and insects by digging with it's beak and therefore also symbolizes the search for deeper meaning and wisdom. 
Practitioners of yoga, who meditate while standing on one leg (stand-up comedy?-), often imitate the ibis.
The great first century Jewish master Rabbi Hillel was the embodiment of the wisdom of the ibis when he explained the entire Torah while standing on one leg, with, "What is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow: this is the whole law; the rest is the explanation; go and learn.""
Write on time, ibis?-)

Ironically, my own father passed away 8 days after my trip to this cinema:-(

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  1. I hadn't seen that Spielberg quote - or some of the others you've got here. I think I'd rather write beginnings! :)