" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 7, 2016

You Can Never Walk Along the Same River Twice

I went for a walk along my hometown riverbank Monday (not that I have actually lived in the Brisbane city limits for the last 30 years of my life) and it became apparent to me that even if I were to do this walk everyday for the rest of my life, I could never do this particular walk today ever again.
Because everything, including me, is changing all the time, I will never encounter the things I saw today on this walk the same way again, ever.
The Brisbane River from the Kangaroo Point cliffs

I think this pigeon could have a message to give me ;-)
Like that old saying about swimming in the river,  

"You can never step into the same river twice", the same goes for walking along a river, or anything you are going to do today for that matter.
Whatever happened here, accident or otherwise, must have been tragic

Climbers on the other side of that sign pictured above this photo
It's the beginning of spring down here in the southern hemisphere of the world and the colours and smells of the plant kingdom are another bonus when doing this walk at this time of year.
Just be careful of those "Mother-in-law tongue" plants on the other side of the wall if you are a married man...or ex-married man, because it you get your ears too close they could burn. ;-) 
Be careful of those sharp "mother-in-law tongues" poking over the fence;-)
I don't know if those "mother-in-law tongue" plants are at the top of the cliffs to prevent husbands from jumping over the cliff, or to encourage them to jump :-)

To get down to the river-walk from the cliffs you have to go down the wheelchair ramp from hell, or use the stairs over near the coffee shop.
Wheelchair ramp from hell from the cliffs down to the river-walk and back up, maybe?-)

The stairway to heaven...or from hell, like the wheelchair ramp?-)

With all these stairs to climb you'll be dead fit...or both, by the end of it

The 'Wheel of Life'?
When I saw this sculpture of a figure holding a wheel I couldn't help thinking about the 'Wheel of Life' and my ride around on the Melbourne Star that I wrote about recently in this post - 

The Circle of Lives?
A maze?
The artworks are amaze-ing and thought provoking along this stretch of the river-walk.

A sunflower?

The cliffs are popular with climbers, as you can see from the photo above with all the pegs hammered into the wall. 
A city cat ferry cruising down the river picking up/letting off passengers 

Left click on image to make bigger to read
It's hard not to think of the recent floods of the past when walking along this river path, especially when you've seen it happen firsthand. 

Flood markers from two floods on the old Naval Stores along the river-walk

And especially today when the search and rescue guys have their van parked along the river-walk, while they do some rope work on the cliff face. 
It's almost like sitting in a zen garden hearing the bamboo creaking in the wind as you sit down on the seat facing the river watching it flow past.
Looking across the river to the Brisbane CBD
A scrub turkey crosses my path while on the walk. A sign perhaps?-)
There is lots of bird-life to be spotted along this river-walk, but I never thought that I would encounter a bush turkey in this part of Brisbane.
It was hanging around this piece of obscure art above.
The funny thing about spotting the bush turkey on my walk was I had just written a post about Liam Pieper fearing this bird in Nimbin in this post of mine -
The Shadow Side and True Colours of Liam Pieper?
But I like bush turkeys and since I was walking this walk in gratitude and wonder, maybe it was appropriate that our paths would cross on this walk ;-) 
The ibis hanging around my car in the backstreets of Hawthorne
It wasn't the last bird to cross my path that day either, as I wrote in this post about the ibis that was hanging around my car parked in Amy Street after I had just seen Mel Gibson's new movie

 'Blood Father' at a cinema not far from the river-walk..that's if you drive, not walk to the cinema.
Life is Like a Movie?
Seat F8? Fate?
I also thought it was rather synchronistic that Mel Gibson played a character named John Link in this movie I saw, as John was the name of my dead ex-father-in-law and he was often called "Link" by my ex-mother-in-law, because of his surname.
F8? Fate?
That blue figure 8 pictured above was around where the bush turkey appeared from and walked over to greet me near the painted circle on the ground, although it was probably thinking I had some food to give it...which I didn't have. 

Don't pay the ferryman until he gets you to the other side?-)

These are about the only fish I ever caught fishing in this river

It would be great having an apartment in this building as the river-walk is virtually in your backyard.
Not to mention all of the great pubs and theatres within walking and staggering range of this building.
But I couldn't even afford to live in the place next door to this building pictured above with my income stream...or should I say dried up creek?-)
But I guess I can dream about a life in a riverside apartment in the clouds.
I'm just grateful that I don't have a room in the building pictured above, because that is a cancer hospital.
When I saw this sculpture above I realised that it must be springtime and also time to head back to my car and head to the cinema to catch Mel's movie.
That's the roof with the pattern I use for my avatar for this blog
I spotted the roof of the shed along the cliff walk that I use as my avatar for this blog, which I've used pretty much since I wrote that post it first featured in -

Me, in the Centre 
I haven't been under that roof again since the day I took that photo back in 2011.
Me in the centre, looking up at the roof
There has been a lot of water under the bridge since that day, both literally and metaphorically.
Ah, memories...but that rocket looking sculpture wasn't there back in 2011, I think.
After that walk it was good to get a nice cold beer at the cinema and wait for the curtain to fall and start the movie rolling...or spinning...or whatever movies do these days.
In Australia the cinema screen curtain falls from top to bottom, unlike in the northern hemisphere where the curtain goes from bottom to top ;-)
Well, it did in this Australian cinema anyway.
 I will never see a river, or day like that again, as long as I live.

Stop the Clocks? Signs?

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