" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 3, 2016

The Circle of Lives?

Peterson?! Where've I heard that name before, I wonder?
The Melbourne Star (previously Southern Star)
On my last road-trip when I was in Melbourne, the young lady on the reception desk at my motel gave me a discount voucher to ride the Melbourne Star Ferris wheel for $20 instead of the usual $35 they charge to ride the wheel, so I thought to myself, why not?
Is that a bird flying through the wheel?

"Every Man and Woman Is a Star", is originally attributed to Aleister Crowley

All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players?
I caught the tram to Docklands Sunday morning bought my ticket and waited to board the wheel.

My ticket to ride the wheel on Sunday in Melbourne
"Described by its operators as "the Southern Hemisphere's only giant observation wheel", it is 120 m (394 ft) tall and has seven spokes, reflecting the seven-pointed star of the Australian flag."
The seven-pointed star of the Australian flag under the Union Jack

I  asked the ticket seller how many times we get to go round and the reply was "only once, but it takes a long time (30 minutes) to go round".
I couldn't help thinking of the "Wheel of Life" the Buddhists refer to in their teachings when I was told we only get to go once round and if you want to ride again you have to pay once more to go round.
I've always been a believer in reincarnation, even at a young age when I had never heard of it.
I always felt drawn to Ireland and Japan when I saw pictures of the rural countryside of these nations.
It was some distant emotional recognition of a clouded memory in me like an Alzheimer's patient might get when they see the face of a familiar loved one they have spent their life with, but now quite don't know that life they have lived with them and why they seem familiar.
The glass orb of the Melbourne Star I got to ride in Sunday
I have nev
er pursued those memories I had and have had of maybe living in Ireland and Japan, as I feel that I don't need to in this life, because I reason if I did need to know about any past lives they would come through to me somehow in this life anyway, whether I wanted them to, or not.
'Digging in the Dirt'? WTF?
As I'm standing at the bottom of the wheel waiting to get on, I look to my left and there is a digging machine with my ex-wife's maiden name (which she now goes under again) written on it and I have a WTF(?) moment, because I have never seen a digging company or digger in my life before with this name written on it.

It must have been a Melbourne company that owned the digger and me being from Brisbane I've never seen a digger with that name on it.
This really got me thinking about the wheel being like the  
"Wheel of Life", as I boarded for my once around in Melbourne, as the last thing I said to my ex-wife the last time I had ever talked to her (on the phone it was) was something like, "I hope life gives you what you deserve, and that's not a blessing, it's a curse. What goes around comes around".
The cat doppelgänger I saw in Hobart

I  thought back to the cat I saw in Hobart a week ago from my trip on the Melbourne Star, which was a dead ringer for my dead cat who as I was burying after he got ran over when the song  
'Digging in the Dirt' came on my car radio, which was parked not far from the hole I was digging for my cat - 
A Cascade of Rabbits?
My cat Sylvester caught in the bathroom of an old rental house we lived in
Sylvester Photos
I was really starting to think this road-trip was being guided by the universe now and that I was just along for the ride when I thought I was the one doing the driving on this road-trip.
Seeing that cat in Hobart had me scratching my head, but the digger with my ex-wife's maiden name on it not far from this Ferris wheel was much more than a coincidence to me.
My Cat Sylvester (R.I.P.) and Memories (CATS) of the Future and the Past?
Looking into the heart of the wheel
I also thought it was amusing that if my ex-wife was on this wheel right now she would be terrified, as she hates rides like this, which could be a bit of a life metaphor for her life in hindsight.
Looking up at the roof of the carriage I was on there was the above image of the North Star, which I have written about seeing 
in Port Macquarie
True North (Star)?
Now I got why the Melbourne Star was located in a place called "Docklands" with that seafaring star on the roof of each cabin. ;-) 
Docklands/Wheel of Life/ True North?
True North (Star)?

Looking out towards Flemington racecourse
Looking out towards Flemington racecourse from the Ferris wheel I started to wonder if life was the gamble I used to think it was, or if the race is fixed and the deck stacked.

Flemington racecourse
Maybe we each have a script pre-written for, or by us, and just take to the stage to play our part in a big play or cosmic movie...more like fate, than chance?

Well, that turned out to be one philosophical spin around Melbourne.
And who knows, I might just do it again one day if it is in the cards for me?-)
Another synchronicity for me was that night in my motel room I'm flicking through the TV channels and Master-chief are doing all their cooking on the Melbourne Star.
Black hole, or rabbit hole?-)

I found Lorraine Flaherty's site when I was looking for some You Tubes about past lives and found the first clip right up the top about the guy who thought he was a man called Peterson, who got killed in WWII.
I thought this was rather a personal sync for me as I had just written a post about my friend Ken Peterson and our weird syncs in this post -
Ken Peterson, 2016 and Big Star Synchronicities
Ken Peterson, top centre

I also thought it was interesting that Lorraine appears to have green eyes, like I do ;-)
Green Eyes, a Marker of Alien Hybridity?!
I must say though, that while I do believe I have lived before, I personally wouldn't have a lot of faith in uncovering them through hypnotic regression, but if it helps people to think they are solving a big problem in this life by going through it and finding what they think might be the problem from a "past life", then what does it really matter if that life is just pure fantasy, as long as it gives them a sense of peace to get through this life?

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