" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 16, 2016

Taoism and Christianity?

I was reading 'The Book of Secrets' and came across a section about 'The Universal Force' and Taoism.
I like a lot of things about Taoism and especially the idea of 'The Universal Force' being represented by the Yin/Yang.
It was written in that book that the Tao literally means 'The Way' and I couldn't help thinking about how Jesus says "I am the way" and that wouldn't it be cool if you could combine two religions into one without the dogma getting in "The Way"?-)
I also thought how interesting it was that the Yin/Yang symbol looked like two fish swimming around each other and that the Christian fish symbol is really nothing more than a vesica piscis with a few extended lines for the fish's tail.
The intersection of two congruent disks, each centered on the perimeter of the other.
"The vesica piscis is a shape that is the intersection of two disks with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each disk lies on the perimeter of the other.
The name literally means the "bladder of a fish" in Latin after the conjoined dual air bladders ("swim bladder") found in the bodies of most fishes."
Interestingly also is that the vesica piscis is often a representation of the human birth canal (the void?) and the name "Jesus" is often written in the vesica piscis of the fish symbol like Jesus is being born from the void.
First few stages of embryonic cell division correspond to vesica pisces & seed of life
Ironically I came from "the void" in September 1964:-)
XY sex-determination system
"In humans and many other species of animals, the father determines the sex of the child. 
In the XY sex-determination system, the female-provided ovum contributes an X chromosome and the male-provided sperm contributes either an X chromosome or a Y chromosome, resulting in female (XX) or male (XY) offspring, respectively."
Douglas Noel Adams?! DNA;-)
The Symbolic Meaning of Jesus?
"The earliest known origins of the vesica pisces date back to ancient Sumeria, and has since been used throughout ancient cultures in association with the Mother Goddess. 
It was immensely popular with early Christian artists.
The symbol resembles the vulva and ultimately means creation for obvious reasons. 
Jesus, the Virgin Mary and saints are often shown with the vesica pisces in the background to indicate they have reached an illuminated state in which they can create – or manifest – anything their hearts desire. 
From a psychological pov, the two overlapping circles that produce the vesica pisces represent the conscious mind and the subconscious mind – the two worlds, physical and ethereal. 
When you master your habitual mind you bring your subconscious mind into sync with your worldly desires thus have more control over the things you create or that manifest in your life. 
The twin circles also represents the duality of your personality. 
This covers several aspects such as male and female, love and fear, base and higher consciousness, light and dark passengers, etc."


I think Fridays and fish dinners are going to send my mind pondering the possibility of Christian Taoism until the church try voiding, or avoiding this idea;-)

Page 47 of 'The Book of Secrets'
The Sick Bag Song

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