" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 6, 2016

Is Halfasheep Just Crapping On in His New Video?

I saw Halfasheep's latest video above and it got me thinking about the trips I hate making, especially when I'm on a road-trip for a few weeks away from familiar home facilities.
One thing I really hate...or should I say gives me the s#its...while driving this meat puppet around that I'm living in for this lifetime is having to do number 1s and number 2s.
The toilets at MONA in Tasmania where you can watch yourself go #2
When I was visiting the MONA art gallery in Tasmania to go #1 I found myself using this weird toilet pictured above, not knowing what it was all about and later finding out is designed with mirrors so that you can view yourself poo, something that is still not on my "To Do" list, by the way.

Wim Delvoye's Cloaca, a custom-built poo-making machine on display at MONA
MONA seems to have a fixation on poo when it comes to it's art.
There is even a machine that makes poo (pictured above), although I didn't get to see...or smell it in motion the day I was there.

I guess if you are like me, you tend not to think too much about wee and poo, but I thought it was amusing that the site Hobart wants to build it's new Eden project on calls for moving the old sewerage works to somewhere else in the city.
I wrote about reading of plans for Hobart's Eden project in this post -
Ogoh! I Missed the Burning
A new Eden project for Hobart's Mac Point?

I guess the South Park guys had a point long before Hobart though when it comes to the movement of a sewerage works to make a garden.
South Park's 'Circle of Poo' episode screen shot
I think I've learned a lesson today about bathrooms, but some s#it I just don't want to know about really :-) 

I was reading David Walsh's (owner of MONA) autobiography 
'A Bone of Fact', where he wrote in a footnote that one of his favourite euphemisms for doing number 2s is, "going to do modern art", and he should know. :-) 
I wish I knew how to turn shit into gold.
The wasted potential of our faecal treasures
"Going to the toilet is an everyday event for most of us, but unlike other animals, we have a real aversion to our bodily waste. Inspired by her dog's love of poo, Cath Simpson set about investigating how we can use our poo for good.."
This is a good podcast about faecal  matters, which was aired on Australia's national radio -
Sh*t happens!
"It's no big deal"

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