" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 11, 2016

Shamanism and Footy?

I bought an indigenous themed footy jersey of my favourite  
AFL team this year and was fortunate enough to wear it and watch them play a game at the MCG in Melbourne  against the  
Richmond Tigers on my last road-trip on the way back from Tasmania, when I spent the weekend in Melbourne to sight-see and watch two different codes of football while I was there.
Reflections and Refractions of Richmond
The Red Lion on the Tasmanian state flag;-)
I specifically went down to Tasmania for the winter solstice celebration of Dark Mofo, which is all about the sun being at it's lowest point of the year and it's rebirth into spring (time of the footy finals in Australia).

Dark Mofo Winter Feast 2016
Ironically the Brisbane Lions would finish in one of the lowest positions on the AFL ladder that they ever have since the
Brisbane Bears became the Brisbane Lions
The Melbourne Cricket Ground
I had never been to the MCG in my life before, so it was great to see a game involving the team from my hometown that I had been following since they were the Brisbane Bears, even though they lost on the day.
The Bears merged with the Fitzroy Lions and became the 
Brisbane Lions in 1996
The years of our 3 grand final wins in a row
The final placings for the 2016 table
The club has had some great years, but this year wasn't one of them:-(

My view at the MCG on June 25th, 2016
The day I was at the MCG the Lions were playing the  

Richmond Tigers.
It was the clash of the big cats and the Tigers were led on to the field with the beat of live drummers and the Guns N' Roses song  
'Welcome to the Jungle'.
The MCG was the home of the 1956 Olympic Games
Oddly enough, although we didn't know it at the time Guns N' Roses will be playing a concert here at this ground in early 2017.  
When I heard the song 'Welcome to the Jungle' I couldn't help thinking just how shamanic like football is with it's tribes of supporters and totem animals and themes of power that the fans seem to take on with some fans even painting their faces to look like a lion, or tiger.
I was reading a book titled, 'The Book of Secrets' and there was a chapter on animals and spiritual beings and there was a section about the lion as a solar figure
Which is interesting when you consider that the only other team from my home state of Queensland (The Sunshine State) is the  
Gold Coast Suns.
Seems there's a solar theme going on in my home state, which makes sense if you watch the Halfasheep video below about the lions and solar imagery in plain sight around the streets of Brisbane
Getting back to 'The Book of Secrets' and indigenous themes on my footy jersey I couldn't help but think of the shamanic themes in Peter Weir's film 'The Last Wave' when I read this page below.
Watch Weir's movie starring real indigenous tribal shamans and see how many of those powers and abilities are hinted at in his movie. 
Someone has uploaded the whole movie in the You Tube below, so if you want to watch it be quick, as they don't seem to last long on
You Tube.
I wonder just how much of those shamanic abilities those tribal indigenous Australians really do possess when it comes to real life magical abilities.
The Melbourne Storm's home ground AAMI Park 
My view at AAMI Park on June 26th, 2016
The other football game I went to was on SUNday between the Melbourne Storm and Wests Tigers at AAMI park, which is right next-door to the MCG.
This time I was going for the Tigers ironically enough, not that they are my team though, but the Melbourne Storm rained on my parade and won the match. 
To become a shaman lightning strikes are usually a prerequisite before starting on that journey to become one, so I couldn't help thinking of the shamanic themes here either.
And what's with all the fire in the no-smoking areas 
of the stadium?-) 
And why does the stadium look like exotic mushrooms at night, too? 
Welcome to the jungle, I guess?-)
The current champions in the AFL for three years running are another sun themed team in a way, and the only team I couldn't bear to see win this year is Hawthorn for obvious reasons (if you follow the AFL) with me being a Brisbane Lions supporter.
"Horus, the hawk-headed lord of magic and war, was arguably the most important god in the Egyptian pantheon.
He is closely identified with the sun and is the avenger of his father Osiris's murder by his brother Set.
Horus is the central deity worshiped in the rite of modern magicians, as the sun who does not die, and the falcon whose eyes are the sun and moon"
The above passage is from, 'The Book of Secrets', by Daniel Pineda.  

UPDATE: 17th September, 2016
I don't have to worry about the hawk-headed lord of magic (Hawthorn) pulling a forth premiership in a row out of his hat, as the underdogs ... or should that be undergods(?) ... ended Hawthorn's season with a 23 point win last night -

Western Bulldogs celebrate their win over Hawthorn

Western Bulldogs end Hawthorn Hawks' AFL reign, winning semi-final by 23 points
"The Western Bulldogs have ended Hawthorn's quest for four straight AFL premierships with a 23-point semi-final triumph.
The Bulldogs mauled the Hawks in the second half on Friday night at the MCG, kicking 10 goals to five and winning 16.11 (107) to 12.12 (84)."


  1. I saw a Dallas Cowboys jersey in the store yesterday. I didn't think of you then, but I'm thinking of you now cause of "your" Cowboys. Maybe one of these days you'll receive "an anonymous package" with a Dallas Cowboys jersey in it. #12 Staubach OK? Or would you prefer #8 Romo or #8 Aikman? How bout #11 White? #44 Newhouse? Leon Lett? Nate Newton? Emmit Smith? Drew Pearson? Tony Dorsett? Meh...I prolly couldn't afford one anyway. ;-)

  2. Funny you mention my "Cowboys" as my team the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks will most probably be playing the North Queensland Cowboys in Sydney in the semi-final of the National Rugby League (NRL)finals and I'm driving down again for my third road-trip this year. The start of my last road-trip to Tasmania all started of by going down to see the Sharks play the Cowboys in Cronulla and meet my son who drove across from Canberra where he lives to meet me and go to the game.
    Ironically my first road-trip this year all centred around going to see the Sharks play the Canberra Raiders in Canberra and meet up with my son.
    We had to beat the raiders in Canberra last week to get to the semi-finals and if the Cowboys can beat the Broncos this weekend it will be another Sharks/Cowboys clash in Sydney to see which team goes into this year's final,the Cowboys being the reining champions.
    And it is still possible that we could meet the Canberra Raiders in the final.
    As for the NFL, I'm a Seahawks fan, so don't worry about sending a cowboys jersey.
    Nice gesture though.
    Cheers...and go the Sharkies!!!

  3. Hmmm...Seahwks eh? How about an Efren Hererra Jersey? He played for Dallas, but he also played for the Seahawks. I think they (The Seahawks) won a game or two off of his foot. I may have even watched one of those games as a kid. I actually got to meet him once. I think it was at a Dallas Tornadoes soccer game of all damn things. ;)