" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 22, 2017

How Many Birds?

The nemesis of  statues the world over...pigeons, natures art critics inspecting the Bee Gees 
One thing I loved about my visits to Redcliffe the past few trips to walk the Bee Gees Way was the bird life I encountered on the Redcliffe Peninsula.
I love sitting down by the sea listening to the waves curling into the beach as seagulls screech to one another and fly about like some weird reenactment of 'Jonathan Livingston Seagull'.  
I even ran into one of my favourite birds (crow) when I was looking for an elusive pelican near the information centre after picking up a brochure on the Australian pelican.
Crows and seagulls, but no pelican :-( 
Percy the pelican, or any pelican for that matter was nowhere to be seen on my visit.
A pelican feather?
But I did find the feather pictured above, which might be a pelican feather.
It certainly wasn't off a crow, or seagull.
The Woody Point Jetty...and seagulls
But there were plenty of other birds to spot along some really good walking paths.
I even spotted a couple of owls on a shop roof at the end of the
Bee Gees Way, but I knew it was too good to be true...they were fake owls, probably there to scare the pigeons away to the Bee Gees' statues instead of having pigeon poop to clean off their windows and roof.
Walk to the end of Bee Gees Way, turn left and  look across the road, the owls aren't what they seem
The owls aren't what they seem near those trees at the end, you have been warned
The entrance to the Redcliffe Jetty...time flys too, down here
You don't have to be a bird lover like me to enjoy your time at Redcliffe, you can sit at a cafe across from the Redcliffe Jetty and watch the hands of the clock fly past;-) 
My last trip to Redcliffe started with seeing a dead bird, which I couldn't identify from my seat in the library, when I was attending a talk by the author of the Bee Gees book, 'Tragedy', which I wrote about here -
The Lore of Synchronicity?
The dead bird on the library roof outside the window
It was this drive to Redcliffe last Saturday where I discovered the portal at the end of the Bee Gees Way, which stands at the opposite end of the Way to where the owls are -
The Redcliffe "Portal" and the Bee Gees Way
I was hoping to see a Mothman, or some strange flying creature fly out of the portal...even a pelican, but no such luck on that day.
I headed up to Scarborough and sat on a bench by the sea and watched a lone seagull perform its aerial acrobatics while I stared out towards the Glass House Mountains across the water.
The Glass House Mountains as seen from the north end of Scarborough
Who needs to meditate if you can sit by the sea and take this in?
And check out this little holiday house if you head down Scarborough way, it almost rivals this one pictured below at Margate beach.
Probably just ordinary people living ordinary lives, right?-)
I finished off Saturday night in Redcliffe taking in the light-show and bird life, but was happy to be flying solo like the seagull I watched fly at Scarborough that afternoon.
Relationships are for the birds I reckon, and not for me anymore;-)

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