" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 8, 2017

The Middle Path, Middle Way, Middle Pillar ... or 'The Walk'?

I was looking for pod-casts about synchromysticism on iTunes last night and found a pod-cast site called 'Mystic Radio' and a pod-cast about synchromysticism -
Mystic Radio - Exploring SynchroMysticism.
I had a listen to the pod-cast and then wondered what their latest show was about and found out their last podcast was -
Mystic Radio: The Middle Path
Seems like 'Mystic Radio' hasn't put out a new pod-cast since mid 2013, but listening to this last one about The Middle Path, Middle Way and Middle Pillar, I couldn't help thinking about
Philippe Petit's walk between the two towers of the World Trade Center in 1974.
"Shortly after 7 am (Golden Dawn?-) local time, Petit stepped out on the wire and started to perform. 
He was 1350 feet (411 m), a quarter mile, above the ground. 
He performed for 45 minutes, making eight passes along the wire, during which he walked, danced, lay down on the wire, and knelt to salute watchers. 
Crowds gathered on the streets below, and he said later he could hear their murmuring and cheers.
When NYPD and PAPD officers learned of his stunt, they came up to the roofs of both buildings to try to persuade him to get off the wire. 
They threatened to pluck him off by helicopter. 
Petit got off when it started to rain."
So, was Petit performing a Middle Pillar ritual here making himself the Middle Pillar, or was it nothing but a high-wire walk?
Oddly enough also was the band Supertramp and its synchromystic album covers and the fact that they hit the big-time around the time of Petit's walk between the towers in 73/74.
…Famous Last Words…
"…Famous Last Words… is the seventh album by the English rock band Supertramp and was released in October 1982
It was the studio follow-up to 1979's Breakfast in America and the last album with vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Roger Hodgson, who left the group to pursue a solo career. 
Thus, it was the final album to be released by the classic lineup of the band (Hodgson/Davies/Helliwell/Thomson/Siebenberg)."
A scene from '2001: A Space Odyssey' 
I thought it was rather synchy that Petit says he decided to come in off the wire when it started rainging and that Supertramp had an album with a high-wire walker about to be felled from his wire titled '...Famous Last Words...' and the biggest hit off that album was a song called 'It's Raining Again'.
Also with Petit coming out onto the wire at around 7 am in the morning to start his walk, we could say that it was a 'Golden Dawn' event in a way.
Supertramp's album 'Crime of the Century' was released a little over a month after Petit's walk between the twin towers on 13 September 1974.
"Crime of the Century is the third album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in September 1974. 
Crime of the Century was Supertramp's commercial breakthrough in both the US and UK, aided by the UK hit "Dreamer" and the U.S. hit "Bloody Well Right". 
It was a UK Top 10 album and a U.S. Top 40 album, eventually being certified Gold in the U.S. in 1977 after the release of 
Even in the Quietest Moments...."
Now, I'm not suggesting that Petit, or the members of Supertramp knew that these buildings were going to come down in 2001 in the "crime of the century", by whoever committed that crime, but you would have to admit that there are a lot of cosmic coincidences involved here.
And speaking of Supertramps, what about the song and dance routine in the movie 'Godspell' on top of one of the towers.
I wrote a post about the movie 'The Walk' in this post linked below -
The Bridge with Kira featuring David Charles Plate
Ironically a BJ is a slang term for a "Blow Job" and whilst I personally think from all I've watched and read about 9/11 that the Twin Towers was a huge BJ rather than just two planes causing all that damage, I doubt Petit or Supertramp had any inside info that this was going to happen, but that's not to say that on an artist level the Super-conscious wasn't seeping into their art.
Life is a lot stranger on a mystic level than most of us give it credit for.
"The documentary film, Man on Wire (2008), by UK director 
James Marsh is about Petit and his 1974 WTC performance; it won both the World Cinema Jury and Audience awards at the Sundance Film Festival 2008. 
It combines historical footage with re-enactment and has the spirit of a heist film. 
It also won awards at the 2008 Full Frame Documentary Film Festival in Durham, North Carolina, and the Academy Award for Best Documentary in 2009. 
On stage with Marsh to accept the Oscar award, Petit made a coin vanish in his hands while thanking the Academy
"for believing in magic"
He balanced the Oscar by its head on his chin to cheers from the audience."

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