" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 11, 2017

Is This a Joke Robin?

When I was seeing a movie at the cinema recently I saw this cardboard promo for the upcoming 'Lego Batman Movie' in the foyer and wondered why they had made the Robin character look so weird, almost like a Joker figure.
Turns out that you could turn the heads and bodies of four different characters from the movie around and someone had left the Joker's head on Robin's body.
Which got me to thinking of the Robin Gibb song, 'I Started a Joke', which was used in the trailer for 'Suicide Squad'.
I Started a Joke-Robin Gibb
What is it with Robin, Jokes and Jokers lately?
""There was a lot of that in those days" Barry laughed, "There was a lot of psychedelia and the idea that if you wrote something, even if it sounded ridiculous, somebody would find the meaning for it, and that was the truth". 
Robin Gibb told The Mail on Sunday on 1 November 2009 about
"I Started a Joke"
"This is a very spiritual song. 
The listeners have to interpret it themselves, trying to explain it would detract from the song""
Robin Gibb's son played 'I finally died' line for his father after singer's death
"Robin-John, 29, known as RJ, told the British newspaper Sunday Express the band's 1968 tune "I Started a Joke" played a role in his farewell to his father.
Said Gibb, "One of my favorite Bee Gee songs, 'I Started A Joke,' has the line: ‘I finally died, which started the whole world living’ and I played it on my phone, put it on Dad’s chest and we sat together. 
I’d tried to hold it all in until then but that’s when I bawled like a baby."
Gibb also said that he heard the same song in a restaurant the night after his father died, and that it was played at the exact time Robin Gibb had passed away. 
"We all fell silent and listened to it," he told the newspaper. 
"I just broke down and cried.”
Robin Gibb's family used music in an attempt to help the Bee Gees founder come out of his coma back in April, singing and playing familiar songs at his hospital bedside. 
The singer did awaken from the coma, but died about a month later.
His son says his father's cancer had actually gone into remission and was too small to detect, but that kidney failure eventually killed the singer.

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