" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 15, 2017

Melody Pool - Somebody You've Never Met Before

Melody Pool at a Day on the Green on Sunday supporting Don Henley
I went to the 'Day on the Green' on Sunday to see Don Henley play my local Sirromet winery with support acts Jewel,
Richard (Ralph) Clapton and Melody Pool.
Don's Dirty Laundry Downunder
While I have never met Don, Jewel, or Melody before I have met Ralph...or Richard before -
 The Best Years of Our Lives?
But I was surprised when Melody Pool's name was on the bill after I had seen a story on the ABC website that she was giving the game away because of anxiety and depression -
Melody Pool puts heartache on the page, steps away from music career after bout of depression
I thought maybe the organizers of 'The Day on The Green' hadn't got around to removing Melody's name from the program yet.
Melody Pool at a Day on the Green on Sunday supporting Don Henley
But Melody took to the stage just like the program said she would.
The funny thing was that I knew way back when I read about her fight with depression that our paths would cross in the near future and I'm not one to go out of my way to cross paths with anyone...even though you may think otherwise from reading this blog.
I'm a big believer in letting the universe bring things and people my way if I need to see them.
After listening to Melody's set and hearing that Melody was going to be signing her CDs at the merch tent, I decided to go for a walk up the hill and buy a CD.
Obviously, this was where our paths were going to cross.
And oddly enough the woman who sold me the CD at the merch tent was an former co-worker of mine who worked with me in a Swedish furniture store years ago once.
She's the one pictured fiddling with the blue t-shirts in the very top photo of this post. 
But the thing that really warmed my heart was a little girl who had dragged her mother to the tent to meet Melody, because she wanted to meet someone who is famous.
I thought how sweet that was, but I also thought that maybe that will be prophetic a few years down the track, because Melody really does have what it takes to hit the big-time.
But I wouldn't blame Melody if she did leave the music business with all of the pressures it entails. 
I realized that when I got home I had accidentally caught the mother and daughter walking across my shot of the stage and car-park where my car was parked.
I was yet to meet them when I took that shot, as they were heading to the merch tent where I would be going to buy Melody's latest CD.
The little girl was a big Jewel fan her mother told me and so was her father I was soon told also.
Jewel at a Day on the Green
Hmm, it wasn't too hard for me to believe that her dad was a fan of Jewel, as just from a casual observation from where I was sitting I would have to say that Jewel is "drop dead gorgeous".
But I can see the mother and daughter having a good giggle a few years down the track at how the little girl knew that Melody was going to be famous in the music industry. 
I've got a gut feeling that Melody will overcome her depression and anxiety enough to perform without worrying too much. 
I was only listening to a pod-cast today about two comedians who live and perform in the USA who have just as big fears about stepping onto the stage to do what they love -
Experience 163 – Doug Mellard, Depression & Micro-dosing
"Doug Mellard returns to the mindcast to discuss his troubles with anxiety, depression and what he has been doing about it recently that has been very beneficial. We discuss his method of micro-dosing psilocybin or “magic” mushrooms and the effects it has on his life outside of helping ease his anxiety and treat his depression. It should be noted here, that we are not suggesting anyone recklessly use hallucinogenic drugs to treat any and all ailments, but if you are interested that you carefully and responsibly proceed in gathering information about this particular treatment. There are many sources of information available currently about how and why people do this. A great and very open, candid chat."
Melody's record label is part of the mushroom group I noticed;-)
Lots of people in the spotlight suffer from depression.
It's more common than people would think -
A scene from the movie 'Tracks' about Robyn Davidson's trek across Oz.
My Ruby Rose and the Giant Peach Synch
It would be a shame if Melody hung up the guitar for good..but I don't think she will somehow.
Call it intuition if you will;-) 
Deep Dark Savage Heart is a great album by the way that will get plenty of rotations in my CD player in the years to come. 

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