" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 26, 2017

'Those Conspiracy Guys' Makes You Tink, I Think ;-)

I came across a pod-cast show on iTunes called
'Those Conspicary Guys' just before St.Patrick's Day this year and this show is run by a bunch of Irish guys out of Dublin, Ireland.
I bought a carton of Guinness stout the week of St.Patrick's Day this year, so it felt like I was sitting in an Irish pub somewhere in Ireland listening to a group of Irish guys at the next table in a drunken ramble...and boy do these guys ramble on, sometimes for seven and a half hours when you look through the times their various pod-casts run for.
And what is it with Guinness these days?
It tastes like shite (to use an Irish term) now compared to how it used to taste years ago.
Admittedly these bottles I bought were only brewed under licence in Australia, but the tins that were brewed and exported from Ireland were only 1.5 standard drinks per can compared to the bottles which were 1.8 standard drinks per bottle and I bought the tins last year and they tasted worse than than the stuff in the bottles that I bought this year. 
I was listening to the Peak Oil and the 9/11 podcasts, but didn't get through to the end of either.
It's not that they were boring, but the Peak Oil one runs for 6 hours and 41 minutes and the 9/11 one runs for 2 hours and 14 minutes.
So, if I was on a long haul flight from say LA to Sydney and had nothing else to do, these podcasts I could probably listen to, but I just can't stand listening to podcasts that go for over an hour and a half, unless the podcasts are really interesting to me...but unfortunately these guys ramble all over the place, instead of sticking to the subject matter of the podcast they are meant to be discussing.
Mind you, I have only listened to part of three of their pod-casts (I'm listening to the Titanic Conspiracy pod-cast right now) (because I had listened to the 'Mysterious Universe' pod-cast this morning where the guys brought up the Titanic Conspiracy) so far, so I can't really comment on their other shows, although some of them do look intriguing to me and other subjects they discuss hold no interest for me personally.
Down Among The Dead Men
I do like the t-shirts these guys sell in their e-store though.
A Full Plate of Shrimp...with Only One Shrimp?
It's not only the shrimp t-shirt that caught my attention here, there was also the picture of the pug that was on their subscribe to their show on iTunes page that got me, as I saw a news story about pugs in the news on March 13th this year that has recently tied a bunch of synchs together for me recently
Pugs and bulldogs living miserable lives because of reckless breeding, vets say
"Australian veterinarians and the RSPCA have called for all short-nosed dogs including pugs, Boston terriers and bulldogs to receive corrective surgery because "reckless breeding" has left them struggling to breathe.
Brachycephalic breeds are known for their wide skulls, squashed muzzles, short coats and stocky builds.
Pugs and bulldogs have become increasingly popular around the world because they cope well in apartments.
They are also the breeds of choice for celebrities, with Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio all owning French bulldogs.

According to the RSPCA, over 80 per cent of British bulldogs are delivered by caesarean section because their large heads and narrow pelvises make natural birth virtually impossible.
Some brachycephalic dogs have trouble breathing while lying down, so they are often sleep deprived.

Others develop oesophageal issues which require their owners to feed them in a baby's high chair.
The dogs are also susceptible to heat stress, exercise intolerance, eye problems, dental disease, skin infections and spinal deformities.
Because of their respiratory issues, most US airlines refuse to transport short-nosed dogs.
Qantas does accept brachycephalic dogs, but owners must sign a form absolving the airline of responsibility if the animal dies on the flight.

RSPCA veterinarian Dr Jade Norris blames unethical breeders who she claims are deliberately pairing parent dogs with exaggerated features.
"The flattened face and the shortened muzzle is caused by defective cartilage, and that is deliberately selected by breeders. It is an artificial selection, and it can cause man-made health problems," she said.
But Karen Hedberg from the Kennel Council of Australia (ANKC) insists that responsible breeders prioritise the health of their dogs and do not aim to exaggerate their features.
Ironically, I just listened to the latest 'Mysterious Universe' podcast, which is about the Titanic Conspiracy and Tree Therapy
(Forrest (Trees?) Gump/Shrimp?!) and they mention pugs at around the 48 minute mark of that podcast.
I'm currently writing a post to explain all the latest Pug synchs and how they link hold your horses on the pugs in the current and past synchromystic pop culture.
But in the mean time, if you like guys talking conspiracy theory in an Irish accents in marathon pod-casts then check out 
'Those Conspiracy Guys'.
But Crust no one.
Follow the signs?

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