" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 27, 2020

No More Dancing in the Streets ... for a While?

A near-dessert-ed Australia Zoo
 on Wednesday:-)
When I was walking around a near empty Australia Zoo on Wednesday I came across some frogs jumping across the street and onto a Streets ice-cream.
Not that you could buy one, as half the park was closed, including the ice-cream shop.
Guess Where I Was Today?
I couldn't help think back to these green tree frogs that used to climb on the outside of my glass sliding-doors when it would rain -
The Red-Eyed Green Tree Frog Symbolism
And seeing those frogs jumping around the empty streets of Australia Zoo I couldn't help thinking back to that music video of Mick Jagger hopping around the empty streets dressed like a frog:-)
Oddly enough, there are only two people in that clip dancing in the streets as they call on the world to come and dance with them. 
Looks a lot like 2020 in hindsight watching that clip now:-(
I haven't had a Fanta for years ...
and no wonder:-)
Living in a FANTA See?-)
The Popes seem to like this orange piss though.
Fanta tastes like it's recycled, too:-)
When you are thirsty and don't
have any cash on you:-(
Finding food at the zoo on Wednesday was like finding the 
Tassie Devils in their pen.
I was glad to see all of the vending machines full of food and drink, but having no cash on me I was glad to see the machines took saving cards.
Although not today I soon found out.
Can you spare me a Fanta, buddy?-)
The one at the top of the tree
must be in
Maybe I should just leave them be?-)
Even the wishing well seemed
 not to be working today:-)
DohTrust me to throw my spare coins into a
wishing well and miss out on this ride:-)
At least the kitchen was serving self-serve food at the restaurant, so I bought a carton of chips and a Fanta.
But we were told because of the Corona-virus laws, that we had to find a park bench somewhere in the zoo and eat our food.
I was joking around with the American woman at the restaurant and we were talking about all of these new restrictions and the further ones to come into effect at midnight, like not having more than five people attend a wedding, and knowing that Bindi was planning on getting married at the zoo some time this year I asked what Bindi was going to do now for the wedding she was planning this year:-)
I guess the laugh was on me when I drove back to Brisbane that night and saw on the news that Bindi got married that day at the zoo to beat the midnight deadline on guests. 
I guess that I can always tell people that I was up at the zoo the day Bindi got married.
I'll just have to leave out the part that I left the zoo to go home just before she did get married there:-)


  1. It doesn't matter what you wear, just as long as you are there!

  2. You must have known that I was featuring 'The Grateful Dead' in my next few posts Jack:-)

  3. And my car has a 'Grateful Dead' sticker on the windscreen.
    A car that was parked all day in the Australia Zoo car-park on March 25th, 2020, I might add:-)

  4. Darren...
    No surprise, really. The Dead... Grateful, as well as newer permutations have always embraced the High Weirdness that triggers synchronicities and other strange attractors. I guess we both just ride similar waves!

    Keep on Trucking! - JH