" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 16, 2011

Comes a Time???

Australian Ghost Gum
The other day I had a synchronicity involving Kate Miller-Heidke, Neil Young, and a very old favourite Gum tree of mine.
This tree was a huge great white gum tree that has stood on a corner of a street (Binnalong) in suburban Rochedale (just outside Brisbane, for those who don't know) for what seems forever.
 Binalong is an indigenous word meaning "Moving to a higher place"
I have a CD collection of about 300 CDs that I love to listen to.
I usually take one out put it in the car CD player, play it right through, then grab the next, until I work my way right through the collection.
Now this day I had worked my way right down to Kate's Telegram album and Neil Young's Greatest Hits was next, so I decided to swap them around, because I was in a more Neil Young type mood.
I put this in and drove off to collect my mail from my PO Box, and then off to work.
As I started driving up the street were the big gum lived, Neil's song Comes A Time was playing, and it was right on this line,
"It's a wonder tall trees ain't layin' down, There comes a time", that I looked up at the old gum tree and there was a 20 foot stump with no branches.
It had all been cut up and was lying down, around the corner.
I thought,"what a coincidence?", I could have been playing Kate's CD instead, and I never would have had this synchronicity. 
But then I thought wouldn't it be great if Kate would cover this version as a hauntingly beautiful song, like her song  
"Last Day on Earth" (which it was for the tree;- ), because even though I love Neil's version of Comes a Time, it does get a bit "Hicky" with the fiddle at times.
Kate Miller-Heidke's Telegram
Another of Kate's album covers.
I think a Kate Miller-Heidke version of Comes a Time would be great.
Neil Young's Greatest Hits CD cover.
Comes A Time
Comes a time
when you're driftin'
Comes a time
when you settle down
Comes a light
feelin's liftin'
Lift that baby
right up off the ground.

Oh, this old world
keeps spinning round
It's a wonder tall trees
ain't layin' down
There comes a time.

You and I we were captured
We took our souls
and we flew away
We were right
we were giving
That's how we kept
what we gave away.

Oh, this old world
keeps spinning round
It's a wonder tall trees
ain't layin' down
There comes a time.
Ghost Gum spinning round?

Kate's "Last Day on Earth" is the first song I heard on the PA system when I got to work after hearing about the Christchurch earthquake!?!
Update: Today (April 4th, 2011) 
At work I heard a song that I rarely hear over the PA.
It was John Lennon's Just Watching the Wheels Go Round, which if you may have noticed, is the name of my blog (which I named after John's song).
It amazed me that much, that I started thinking about the sync above and what the odds would be if one of Kate's songs came on right afterwards.
Well guess what? 
No, you're didn't come on next...but the song right after that was,"Last Day on Earth" by Kate Miller-Heidke.
Missed by one song :- )
Update: June 19th 2011.
I found this clip of one of my other favourite singers, 
Pete Murray singing Comes A Time in a duo with Taasha Coates.


  1. Love it! Gad to see you're writing these synchros down on a blog, Daz!
    - Trish
    PS have got to figure out some other way of singing in here!

  2. I think the thing that really attracts me to big white Ghost Gums trees like the ones above,is how they look like frozen upside-down lightning strikes.