" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 27, 2011

“The Twelfth Insight”?

Abraxas Bookshop, Byron Bay.
I was down at Byron Bay today, and was just browsing through my favourite bookshop Abraxas [shameless plug] and came across a copy of James Redfield’s book The Twelfth Insight.
I picked it up and got this weird deja vu feeling, and then I thought that it only felt like deja vu because I must have read it years ago.
Then I thought, the only Redfield book I have ever read that I know of was The Celestine Prophecy, and I wasn’t all that impressed by it, apart from the fact he brought synchronicity more into mainstream consciousness .
If his book is as good as his YouTube clip (which it was not), promoting the book then I'll be a very happy reader:-) ... which I wasn't:-( 
Now this is weird, because when I was holding this book it felt like an old familiar nostalgic memory of my past, and a thought ran through my head like, "yes, that was the best book that he ever wrote.
That was way better than the The Celestine Prophecy.That was the book that really put him into the spotlight".
The only problem was I had not read another book by Redfield … and I’m reluctant to … to tell the truth.
This book memory/deja vu is really starting to bug me, because I nearly bought it (to read again, because I thought I enjoyed it last time … but I have not read it, obviously).
I just can’t believe this is a new book, because it felt so familiar to me.
My right brain is saying, "you have to get it now".
My left brain is saying, "don’t waste your money or time fool".
Decisions … decisions … decisions???
Some of my books
                                                           So little time, so many books;- ( 
Some of my purchases from Byron Bay on March 27th, 2011
I bought two books (Soul Survivor and Dharma Road) and one DVD (Infinity: The Ultimate Trip) to add to my already overwhelming reading/viewing list.
Interesting thing also was that that I picked up a little wooden cat block calendar, and when I set it to today's date, the two number 8's made infinity symbols, which mirrored the infinity symbol on the cover of the DVD (see photo above).
It's been one of those days filled with infinite possibilities;- )
Update: May 1st 2011:  
Watching the You Tube clip about The Twelfth Insight, in the post above, and seeing that spiritual  little boat ramp, reminded me of this book, which I also feel the universe is pushing at me.
Taking the Leap?
And it reminds me of this little sacred (to me, anyway) spot that I like to visit (see photo below)
Ramp on Lake at Sirromet Winery
Looking out over the lake, reflecting:-)
Nature's Mirror?
What lake would be complete without a lotus or two?
... and no, not just because it happens to be on a winery;- )
Heard anything lately?- )
Communion anyone?

Update: 10/10/12
I should have updated this post ages ago.
The Abraxas Bookshop is no more:-(


  1. Thought I read this book a long time ago...think I might even still have a copy of it....must go off and look for've peaked my curiosity. I thought the Twelfth Insight was a guide book for the Celestial Prophecy book. Sort of like a work book...??

  2. Take that was the 10th Insight Holding the Vision An Experiential Guide. But i think I'd like to read the 12th if it's out there....thanks for bringing this to light.

  3. I remembered he had a guide book for the “The Celestine Prophecy”called the something insight,but I knew that wasn't it,because I wouldn't have read a guide book to a novel that I didn't really enjoy.I had this feeling he had brought out a few more,and that I must of read the 12th insight,for some reason and actually liked it.
    Maybe it's just a glitch in my brain,like a 'black cat' that you see in a Matrix film.-)

  4. In-fact if you look at the photo above of the books that I purchased,yesterday,you'll see there is a black cat trickster amongst them,involved in time loops.-)

  5. I've been resisting reading this. Now I'll have to get it.

  6. Trish,
    I know what you mean when you say,"I've been resisting reading this."
    I am really resisting reading this,because I have about 70 other books on my shelf that I feel I would enjoy far better than another CP book.
    I hope this isn't just a cosmic bum steer,although I must say I'm quite impressed with his You Tube clip;

    like the ripples in the water,and the boat ramp,etc.Which makes it even harder for me to resist,since he's showing some my favourite symbolic imagery.Darn it!

  7. Great photos of the lake, can see why that is a favourite spot.

    As for the Twelfth Insight I thought it was probably a book to far. I've read the others, they were okay and as you say got certain ideas (coincidences especially) into the public domain.