" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 31, 2011

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I received a double pass to see the above movie by Werner Herzog called Cave of Forgotten Dreams.
 It's a documentary film about the 32000 year-old paintings discovered in 1994 in the Chauvet Cave in southern France.
It was filmed in 3-D, but I only saw the 2-D version, which I found fascinating anyway.
It's a magical film that I would encourage you to see if you get the chance.
Werner has made some great movies over the years.
I saw his movie Grizzly Man when it came out and while it was meant to be serious, it came across to me as darkly amusing and tragic at the same time (much how life really is, I guess)
Werner has another movie coming out in November this year called Into the Abyss
about ;
"Conversations with death row inmate Michael Perry and those affected by his crime, serve as an examination of why people - and the state - kill.
He certainly has made some interesting films over the years.
I'll have to try and catch up with the ones I've missed (which is lots).
He even made a short film in 2001 called Pilgrimage, which I found was a 'coincidence', since I have only just started reading  
Paulo Coelho's book of the same name, about a pilgrimage that Paulo took across Spain.
"Paulo Coelho details his journey across Spain along the legendary road of San Tiago, which pilgrims have traveled since Middle Ages. 
On this contemporary quest, he encounters a Chaucerian variety of mysterious guides and devilish opponents and learns to understand the nature of truth through the simplicity of life. The Pilgrimage holds an important place in Paulo Coelho's literary canon. 
His first book, it not only paved the way for his phenomenal novel The Alchemist ,but it also fully expresses his humanist philosophy and the depth of his unique search for meaning."
I came across this post -
Inspiring passage from The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho
at a blog called Enlighten Your Day
Worth reading, I think. 
"An enemy always represents a weakness. 
This might be fear of physical pain, but it could also be a premature sense of victory or the desire to abandon the fight because it is no longer (seems?) worthwhile." (The Pilgrimage)
Our Lady of Victories Catholic church, Brisbane, Australia
Paintings in the Chauvet Cave in southern France
PS. I came across an artist by the name of Ginny Hogan who paints pictures in a similar style to the ones found in the cave.
Very beautiful they are indeed.
And Ginny also has a page called About Petroglyphs, where she tries to explain the symbolism in her paintings.
shaman: communication
with spirits


  1. Those paintings in France are amazing. I mentioned them in a post a while back. Must see if the film is over here in the UK, as I'd like to see it.

    I might pass on seeing 'Michael Perry' on Death Row though!

  2. I had noticed 'Michael Perry' was in his next movie,and had a bit of a chuckle.
    But it's also interesting that in the post I'm getting together about "The Last Wave",Paul Cox,"Cave of Forgotten Dreams" and "The Pilgrimage".
    St.Michael Caves in Gibraltar and Sydney,will be a key player.
    Synchronicites are like weeds to me.
    No sooner do I clear a patch of them (or think I do) another patch appears and starts growing over the old patch.
    It's a never-ending puzzle.
    Although it is a frustratingly fun way to live,I guess.