" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 24, 2011

Six Degrees of "The Hunter"

I recently saw the movie The Hunter, starring Willem Dafoe
Sam Niell and Morgana Davies (from The Tree) and I just keep finding the notion of Six Degrees of Separation a fascinating concept that just keeps playing out in front of my eyes in real life and on the cinema screen.
Ever since I saw the movie The Tree and wrote about it here on this blogpost,
The Tree  
I've been amazed how the actors in these films have teamed up in other films and areas of life by just what appears to be chance.
In The Tree Morgana Davies starred with French/English actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, who starred with Willem Dafoe in Anti-Christ, which was directed and written by Lars von Trier
who also made Melancholia, which I just saw last week.
Melancholia stars Charlotte Gainsbourg from The Tree,  
Charlotte Rampling from Eye of the Storm, which was directed by Fred Schepisi, who directed Six Degrees of Separation,
 and who I wrote about here,
Six Synchronistic Degrees of Fred Schepisi 
Dafoe was also in a movie called Daybreakers
which was filmed in my home town Brisbane, and also starred 
Sam Niell from The Hunter and Ethan Hawke from Waking Life 
(see post below this one).
Now, the interesting story here is that my eldest son Kevin worked and met with the directors of Daybreakers for one day of editing of the film in their Brisbane studios, while he was doing a high school course on film.
And he spent the day chatting to them about the film industry.
Another interesting fact also is these directors are real life twin brothers from Brisbane.
In Dafoe's next film Boot Tracks he will play a character named William "The Buddha" Pettigrew and will star with Stephen Dorff who starred in the Sofia Coppola movie  Somewhere, which I've also written about on this blog somewhere ;- )
Not to mention John Vincent Hurt who was in Melancholia and also narrated Paul Cox's  film Vincent.
See my post -
Midnight in Paris on All Saints Day 
to make sense of that last sentence...or to go further down this rabbit hole. 


  1. I read that the six degrees has now shrunk, supposedly to four, see here thanks to the likes of Facebook. Six still seems more realistic to me.

  2. That's certainly true Mike.
    But what I'm talking about here by six degrees is a real life path crossing.
    For example in the above scenario,I've lived with my son (1st degree)who has met and interacted with the directors of "Daybreakers" (2nd degree) who have met and interacted with Ethan Hawke and Willem Dafoe (3rd degree)who has met and (truly.-)interacted with Charlotte Gainsbourg and Sam Neill(4th degree)who has met and interacted with Charlotte Rampling and John Hurt (5th degree)who has met and interacted with Fred Schepisi,the director of "Six Degrees of Separation" (how funny is that) and Paul Cox (6th degree).
    But that's just one line of degrees.Think how many possible branches you could make from all the who met who in six degrees or less,and what sort of web you could draw from that.
    Then I could start again with my meeting with Steve Bisley from the "Mad Max" movies at the Byron Writer's Festival (1st degree) who is best friends with Mel Gibson (2nd degree) and on and on.
    It truly is a mind boggling game to play and shows us that the world is a much smaller place than we thought,and just how much difference each single one of us can make to our society.
    One single meeting can have a domino effect on many lives and we don't realize it.
    And like you say,if factor in internet and other forms of meeting and being influenced by each other,like you and I are doing here,the world of influence and interaction becomes way smaller.
    We live in exciting times.That's for sure.