" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 12, 2012

Min Min Lights

 "The Boulia Shire is no stranger to unexplained lights. 
Ever since anyone can remember, inexplicable lights have been experienced by a great variety of people. 
Kalinda, Maureen and Ric share their stories and theories about the mysterious Min Min light. This is a Storylines Q150 digital story. 
This digital story was made by the State Library of Queensland with funding from the Queensland Government.  
It is a legacy of the Q150 celebrations in 2009."
"Min Min Light is the name given to an unusual light formation that has been reported numerous times in eastern Australia
The lights have been reported from as far south as  
Brewarrina in western New South Wales
to as far north as Boulia in 
northern Queensland
The majority of sightings are reported to have occurred
 in Channel Country.
Stories about the lights can be found in aboriginal myth pre-dating western settlement of the region and have since become part of wider Australian folklore
 Indigenous Australians hold that the number of sightings has increased alongside the increasing ingression of Europeans into the region.According to folklore, the lights sometimes follow or approached people and have disappeared when fired upon, only to reappear later on.
The light's existence as a phenomenon has been confirmed to be  
Fata Morgana,though there remains debate over their source.
Various explanations have been put forward, ranging from 
 optical illusions and piezoelectrics to luminescent animals."
The Min Min Lights: The Visitor That Never Arrives eBook  
"The Min Min Light, the small, bright, dancing night-time light of plains and farmlands, is one of Australia's oldest natural mysteries. 
It is an ancient light and spoken of in stories from the Aboriginal dreamtime. 
It seems to be a companion of the earth rather than an object of the skies. 
But it is a light not only of Australia. 
It is a light known by many names across Europe. 
It is the Prairie Light of North America and the Jack o' Lantern or Will o' the Wisp of Britain. Wherever it is found, and by whatever name, its character remains the same, seeming to defy those who try to investigate it, disappearing one moment, reappearing the next, floating, hovering and at times silently speeding away, never allowing the follower to catch up."


  1. Fascinating. I've never heard of the Min Min light. Mystery abounds everywhere you turn!