" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 9, 2012

First Death Cafe in Australia

Got the T-shirts Lizzy. And big thank you from the other side of the world.
I received an e-mail from Lizzy Miles 
Follow the Signs 
The first Death CafĂ© in the USA 
the other day telling me about the first Death Cafe in Oz . 
Hi Darren,
Thought you would be interested to know that there is going to be the first Death Cafe in Australia!! I don't know how far away Nimbin is from you?! 

Check out the info on the Death Cafe website:
(scroll down if it's not the most recent post when you look)

I love Nimbin, it's such a great little town, but unfortunately, it's quite a drive from Brisbane...and a scary one at that in the nighttime.  
There is a Google map of the town here -
and you can zoom out and see how far away Brisbane is.
Me in my" Death By Shark" T-shirt.
Me in my "Death By Poison" T-shirt.
I hope it is a successful event for Lisa and the organizers, and knowing the people of Nimbin I'm sure it will be.
If I can get there I will, but at this stage it doesn't look very do-able.
Me in my "Nimbin University" T-shirt I bought at Bluefest 2012.
There is no Nimbin University in real life, it's more like the school of hard knocks type of expression.
This is what Nimbin is famous for to most Australians, if you view the above clip.
This is the main street where the Death Cafe is located.


Mike Perry said...

You have an interesting selection of T-shirts! Great that the Death Cafe has opened in Nimbin - not that I'd ever heard of Nimbin until today. But now I know it holds a MardiGrass!

Would be good to see the Death Cafe spread worldwide.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

The Poison/Shark t-shirts were a reward from the Kickstarter project of Lizzy Miles for helping to fund the first Death Cafe in the States.
The Nimbin t-shirt I saw at a stall at Bluesfest this year and thought it was cool.
I haven't been to Nimbin for about 10 years now,but I'd like to go down there one year for Mardigrass.
Nimbin is a great little town,the only problem are the heroin addicts that hang around the public toilets side of the road
(opposite the Nimbin Museum).
Well,that was 10 years ago,maybe they are gone from there now,but I doubt it.These low life's broke into my mates car when we were doing a bush-walk at the pinnacle,which is not far from Nimbin.We wondered what these guys dressed as Goths where doing out on the viewing platform.What they were doing was making sure no one was heading back to their cars,while their mates in the car-park broke into the bush walker's cars.When we went to Nimbin later that day,these same pricks were amongst the heroin addicts on the seedy side of the street.
That's the part I found scary about Nimbin,the low life vultures hooked on heroin.Apart from that black-spot the town is a great place to visit.As I say,that was 10 years ago,it may have improved,or gotten steadily worse by now.I don't know.
There are plenty of You Tubes on the net about Nimbin so you can always play virtual tourist,if you want.
I like the town,but it is a bit out of my way,living in Brisbane and all.

Lizzy Miles said...

Sooo glad they arrived! @Mike Perry, we're on our way to worldwide for sure. You can read about all the Deathcafes as they spread throughout the world at

Lizzy Miles said...

You are getting a Death Cafe in your city! If you go, I want to hear all about it!!!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That is quite synchy,although I have a previous engagement for the 9th Oct,so I won't be going.

the address shown in the link is for a suburb in Brisbane called Mt.Gravatt.
I grew up in that suburb in fact the photo of me riding in the vintage pedal car in my latest post was taken in the house I grew up in which was in Mt.Gravatt.In fact if you look at the Google map on the Death cafe link you will see two streets that join called Creek and Newnham roads.I should have been killed at that intersection if a voice had not have stop me from jumping a green light and going under a truck.If you have seen the video of the 27 people who got killed recently in South Africa by a truck running a red light,well that should have been my fate at that intersection about 30 years ago.Also Pope John Paul II came down Newnham road in 1988 (I think it was) and all I had to do was jump my neighbour's fence and stand on the footpath as he went by waving.That was a weird day,I'll never forget,and I'm not even a Christian,never mind being a Catholic.
Also my aunty passed away last night.She had been suffering Alzheimer's disease,so in a way it was a blessing I guess.I never knew her that well,as we never saw much of each other as often big families do.