" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 10, 2012

My Children's Books Syncs
 I ordered A Fish With A Wish about a week ago and it arrived in the post today. 
Sarah Brennan's books.
Which is rather a coincidence, because I had just found these book's among the "To Read" pile of books I had bought from the  
Byron Bay Writer's Festival, and read them yesterday and today as well.
I heard Sarah, along with XuXi and Jane Camens at  the  
"Reaching the World: Writing that crosses cultures for adults and children" talk at the BBWF.
Sarah Brennan with Dragon and Panda in hand under the lighthouse.
It was a great talk, I didn't realize how lucrative children's books could be.  
Sarah lives in Hong Kong and these books are doing quite well over there, apparently.
Sarah bases her book characters off the Chinese horoscope animals.
The two I picked up were based on the dragon (my horoscope sign) and the rabbit...I chose it just because it looked good;-)
Sarah and friends with a bloody  IKEA  dragon and panda at the BBWF.
Reading the back page about the Year of the Dragon I only just realized how a lot of important turning points in my life take place in 12 year cycles. 
I was born in 1964, got married and started work full-time at IKEA in 1988, bought my first house around 2000 (have to check that one), got made redundant from IKEA in 2012, and also traded my car in and got another one to use as my car (my wife's old car).
Dragon hatching from an egg???

The Cosmic Egg and the Dragon

It has certainly been a year of synchronistic surprise in more than one way or another ;-)
The dragon book starts off on the first page with the dragon having just devoured a child!?
But it ends when a little boy he makes friends with, just to eat, really do become friends when the boy catches fish and weens the dragon off eating kids and on to eating fish instead.
Sarah's books are brilliantly illustrated by Harry Harrison who is a self taught cartoonist, who works for a Hong Kong paper.
Visit Sarah's website here to find out more about her books -
and her blog here -
 and her posts about the Byron Bay Writer's Festival here -
Meet the authors at Byron Bay! 
and here -
Goodbye Byron Bay!
The other children's book that I bought through the mail was written by Katrina Logan and illustrated by Tracey Keller's wonderful paintings (the real reason that I bought the book)
You may already have noticed that her book fish bares an uncanny resemblance to the blog mascot that I have been using from day one at this blog.
That's because they are both painted by Tracey.
Wake up call 2012?
My morning coffee cup.
Guess who is playing Bluesfest next Easter?
Abraxas Bookstore, where this blog started basically. It's now gone :-(

“The Twelfth Insight”?

Not really worth the read though, sorry James.
I love Tracey's paintings, so to buy this $20 book was a bargain. 
It's full of great paintings that Tracey has done of quirky animals
Oddly enough, animals that you will find scattered throughout this blog over the years, which I have synced with in some way.
If you want to purchase some great prints from Tracey...which I just did...then you can buy them from her store here -
and/or her children's book as well...there are bargains galore at her store.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

Twelve year cycles! That sounds like Jupiter transits, Daz. Love the goldfish and the whole post.

John King said...

Aha! Now I know part of the story of the googly-eyed goldfish mascot!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

The goldfish picture I found as a painting on a Brisbane art gallery website.I had no idea Tracy had written a children's book.
In fact at the time when I started using the image I don't think she had written it.
It was only before Christmas when I was going to buy that print from the gallery that I discovered her own website with the book and cheaper priced prints.
I have 3 on the walls of my room.
I'll have to upload some photos in a day or two of them,as I'm a bit busy at the moment.
If you click on the picture of the fish in my side bar it should take you to the original picture from the gallery.
It's my way of returning the favour for Tracy letting me use the image,not that I have ever asked her for permission,by the way,but I'm hoping that she won't