" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 8, 2012

Tokyo Zombie is Hurting my Brain

These guys - the Tokyo zombies - have been haunting my brain since I did a review of their f#@%&d up adventures at Amazon in April 2011.
I Googled "Brizdaz" once just out of curiousity/boredom one night and found a screen shot of my review on someone's blog who went by the name of King Uke and who sounded royally pissed at my review.
Tokyo Zombie (2008)
So, I tip-toed over to his blog to see just how pissed he was. 
Then I saw this photo -

Holy S#!+ !, it was the guy who drew that crap.
 (just pulling your chain KU;-)
I even bet myself that he was probably missing a little finger as well.
But then I thought, hang can this guy play a ukulele with a little finger missing?
Then I realized that he wasn't the Japanese guy, because who ever was writing this blog was doing so with a New Zealander's accent.
So it could have been someone like this guy who is showing us that he is not a paid up member of the Yakuza, by flashing his intact pinkies about, or showing me how he was going to take my eyes out from criticizing one of his favourite comic books. 
(it's OK KU, I know this guy is really Hawaiian, but it's hard to find pics of Kiwi uke players)
Turns out he was pretty cool about my criticism and probably wasn't going to kill me at all, because I found this  - 
"Update 7-Jul-2011: I saw this review on Amazon just now and felt I had to share it with you. Had me chuckling! 
Thanks Brizdaz... you've made my day! 
Just drop me a line if you'd like to do a post or two for the Ukulele Blog... 
I'd love to hear from you!"
I thought this could be a trap and I had better just tip-toe out of his blog while I still have some brains left. 
"You're just mad cuz..."Now I see what attracts Kiwis to this comic;-)
 But as you can see if you read King Uke's post, we had quite a few good natured replies back and forth, and I ended up bookmarking his blog and from then on made regular visits without much to fear at all...apart from the odd song he would sing at me;-)
 Later on I found out there was a movie made out of this almost unfilmable book and the King had actually written a post about that movie too.
Tokyo Zombie (2005)
It turns out that he saw the movie version first and read the comic later, while I read the comic first and have only seen half of the movie so far...I found it on You Tube, dubbed in the English language. 
 I'm watching it now actually, and the reason is because in the book I'm reading
That Movie Book: Awesome, Weird and Wonderful Flicks for Every Weekend of Your Year
There is a section on zombies -

 And in that section on zombies Marc had to go and put this in his book -
So, with KU biting one ear and Marc biting the other, I thought I had better track this down and watch it.
I've got to say King that so far I'm actually enjoying this big pile of black Fuji.
I may even buy a copy on DVD, just  as a motivator to remind me that this is the sort of stuff I used to draw in maths class back in school ;-) 

You can catch Marc's weekly movie reviews here, on the JJJ website,
Update: 9 Oct, 2012.
King Uke has sent me a picture of his true identity  
(I had the impression he was taller when I saw him performing with the Von Ukes in his last video -
but obviously the other band members must be extra tiny Timish ;-)
The real King Uke? Would explain the uke fetish I guess?
Here he is showing that he too has his pinky still and is no member of the Yakuza, either.
Although, maybe this was a shot he took at his initiation ceremony, just before he bit it off?!
He also sent me two links to this picture -
Where's the link of you and your son using the medium of Lego?
Or are you just pulling my Lego?-) 
While we're on the subject of LEGO, you might want to check this post out that I did a while back about the only piece of LEGO I own -
The Squares That Touch/Lego?!


John King said...

On the Triple-J I have to give this post a pig-surfing 9! I knew you couldn't hold out for long! Ha ha! Good on you Daz for giving it a go. That movie book looks pretty good. I wonder if I can get it on my Kindle? This art style is called Heta Uma... Bad/Good... or is it: "so bad that it's good!" I just hope your tip for RoboGeisha lives up my super high expectations. We could be spearheading a J-Horror revival here! Hmmmm

John King said...

And another thing. Wouldn't this be cool...
I'd buy it!
And when you get to the end of the film... check out the version me and my son did using the medium of lego...

John King said...

And another thing... You've cheered me up no end! Thanks!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

@ King Uke
"... I wonder if I can get it on my Kindle? "

The big red link under the picture of Marc's movie book will take you to Amazon,where the Kindle version is available.

I finally finished his book yesterday and you can thank Marc (maybe?) for throwing 'RoboGeisha'
your way,too.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey Darren, do you know anyone in Melbourne who might be interested in getting some tickets for the Graham Hancock gig? The Saturday conference and the Sunday workshop? One of my friends @ TDG bought them, but now he needs to sell them due to financial hardships.



Brizdaz (Darren) said...


No,I don't know anyone in Melbourne who is into mind altering talks/workshops.-)
I have a ticket to the Brisbane talk which is sold out I'm told.

And whilst I just lost my job,there's no way I'll sell this ticket.I can't wait for Oct 18th.

BTW RPJ,have you seen the movie "Iron Sky"?
Because the theatre in the movie where they go to see Chaplin's movie "The Great Dictator" is the Tribal theatre in Brisbane where the Graham Hancock gig is being held.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I don't think Iron Sky was ever released over here, so I'll have to wait until they get it on Blockbuster.

Nice synchro with the Hancock gig ;)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It was released last week at Blockbusters in Australia.
So you might want to check the selves?
I'm going to see if there's a copy on the shelves when I take "Salt" back this afternoon.