" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 4, 2012


After listening to a pod-cast at Mike Clelland's blog  
Hidden Experience called Audio Conversation With Mel Faregas I felt that I should leave a message letting the guys know how much that I appreciated their sincere conversation.
Then Red Pill Junkie left this comment -
"There's Left-Wing, there's Right-Wing, and then there's Kno-Wing".
Which I responded with -
"Re: "Kno-Wing", I just ordered the movie of that name yesterday as a blogging friend and I were discussing a series of syncs involving Bredan Cowell, the ex-boyfriend of Rose Byrne, the actress out of Knowing.
It was on special for $9.99.

I wanted to buy it months ago, but didn't want to pay $30 for it.
How It Feels??? Synchronistic That's How! (Part 1) 
 RPJ responded -
"I've always wanted to see that movie, but I haven't managed to.
Make it happen, Universe! ;)"
I responded - 
" I saw it about a year ago.
It is a good movie, and most of it was shot in Australia.
Alex Proyas was the director of Knowing

He also made - The Crow, Dark City, and I, Robot, all favourites of mine.
Alex and I share the same birth-date (23 September...this Sunday) although he is one year older than me.
He is now working on a film called The Unpleasant Profession of Jonathan Hoag, which according to this site -
"The book that served as the basis for this movie was also the inspiration for Alex Proyas' sophomore film Dark City"

"A man, who suddenly realizes that he has no memory of what he does during the day, hires a husband and wife detective agency to follow him. 
The truth takes a dark turn as their investigation leads to a series of frightening revelations."  
 Sounds interesting to me. 
"Yeah, except for I, Robot —why do androids have to look like a god-damned iMac??— I really like Proyas' filmography"
Me -
"Alex Proyas is also working on a movie called Sydney Unplugged, which I find amusing as SYDNEY just happens to be my middle name, as is my father's middle name as well. 
Some of the other directors are -
Toni Collette
Russell Crowe
John Curran
Kieran Darcy-Smith
Anthony LaPaglia
Ray Lawrence
Liev Schreibe
Ivan Sen 
...and anyone following my blog would know just how synchronistic most of those directors are to my own life syncs. "
Front of card.
Me again -
"The Knowing DVD that I wrote about above and Mel's season 1 of Veritas both arrived in the same mail delivery today.
I don't know why the Knowing DVD took so long to get to me, there must of been some stock delay, or something.
Also when I was waiting in line at the post office I saw an owl card staring back at me, so I purchased it, and it is now sitting on my desk.
I'll have to do a post on it to show you this card, I think that you would like it Mike.
Anyway I'm plugging in the Veritas memory stick to my computer to have a listen, and after that I'll be putting the Knowing disc into my DVD player to have a watch."

Back of card.

"OWL" Print Ad for Coca-cola by Publicis.mojopartners

2006-34 Coca Cola owl phonecards 8pcs PUZZLE

1906 Coca Cola Bookmark.
 I found these COKE owls in Google images with my "Coca Koala" can that I made as a design a few years ago.
I was going to sell it on a t-shirt, but decided not to risk being sued by COKE.
So, I just let it go onto the net, so people could pinch it if they wanted to make a t-shirt for themselves.


Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey, happy belated birthday to you, amigo! ;)

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I enjoyed Knowing. And I oh so love these owl logos! Synchro for me with the owls. I was writing about them today.

Mike Perry said...

Also love the owl logos and a synchro for me too: just moved my owl paperweight and got a pen out of my blue chine owl vase - where I keep scissors, pens, pencils etc.