" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 3, 2012

Once more into the fray...

"For even if Carlos made it all up, I can still find a lot of valuable material in his books.
 Reading The Teachings of Don Juan was the first time I seriously confronted myself with the reality of my own imminent death, and made me realize that many of the messy decisions I had taken in my life were the result of my delusions of immortality. 
Being impeccable does not mean some unattainable state of super-human perfection; 
being impeccable means giving your whole commitment to a decision you’ve taken after you’ve carefully weighed in on the consequences of your actions. 
It means taking personal responsibility for your actions, and living each moment of your life as if it were your last —
hardly the things people like to hear in the Age of the Undo button, I know."
RPJ (Red Pill Junkie)
                Once more into the fray
                     Into the last good fight I'll ever know
                     Live and die on this day
                     Live and die on this day

Spoiler Alert: 
If you haven't seen this movie then don't watch the next clip if you plan to.
Brisbane Lions
I ate at the above club the night I had posted this, I just thought it was a bit of a sync with the eyes, even if it is the eyes of a lion.
Of course, Liam Neeson does voice the lion in the Narnia movies, on the subject of lions


  1. I feel flattered that you quote me quoting Castañeda, Darren ;)

    And I haven't seen that movie yet. My sister did, and she told me she was really impressed by it, so I'll have to check if it's already on my local Blockbuster.

    PS: Curious. The first clip you added is 1:23 minutes long. Our mutual friend Mike might want to check it out ;)

  2. When you see this movie RPJ when the plane crashes,hold the thought in your head of are the survivors dead already,and that they just don't know it yet.
    The movie plays much better from this angle,which I'm sure is the angle that it is meant to be played from.

  3. Oh, man! Don't talk me about death right now! o_0

    Check out the synchronicity you just started:

    (the last comments)


  4. Man you've opened a can of worms over at Loren's site RPJ.