" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 11, 2012

Flipside of the Dartboard

I only got the movie Salt out on DVD because I saw the below
You Tube of the assistant to the director of Phillip Noyce
 Richard Martini talking about his new book Flipside.
I'm not saying that there is something sinister about the talk Richard gave, or about his book, I'm just saying it was an interesting talk, so I decided to rent Salt to see if there was anything interesting about a movie that I had no interest in before seeing Richard's talk. 
It is a movie about mind control and sleeper spies, so it has got that matrix feel to it.
Now, don't get me wrong here, I not saying 666 is the devil's number, I'm just saying it is the number of man, or this worldly realm.
Similar to 42 in many ways.
4266?  (4+2) 66 = 666
(Eve)lyn Salt 4266 - number of man?
Numbers in these types of movies usually
 mean something.
8+2+3+2 =15:1+5=6
Highest score you can throw
with three darts? 180: 1+8 = 9
Q.Highest value target on a dartboard? 
A. Triple 20 = 60
With 3 darts - (porthole?)  60,60,60  (portal) (?) - is the top score
Triple 20 would be more
Addam's Family Values
Addam's Family Values
Addam's Family Values
Addam's Family Values
Addam's Family Values
Addam's Family Values
I've recently started wondering about the placement of dartboards in movies.
While some are just simple props I'm sure, 
others seem to be there for another hidden reason, 
as in the above screen shots.
If you watch the movie (Salt) you will see that 
there isn't enough room to swing a cat in the area 
the dart board is in, so it seems to be there for some other reason ...
but what?
Dart Movies
 "Fans of numerology in The Shining will be happy to note there are 21 possible scores in the black and white sections of the dart board, while there are 42 possible scores in the colored sections of the board. 
While some see numerology as the key to opening hidden meanings in the narrative, others see numerology as a trap
Let’s just note that ‘black and white’ is the lower scoring area and ‘color’ the higher scoring. Danny is first seen wearing the number 42 on a sweat shirt with a basketball-playing Bugs Bunny on its chest, so ‘high scores’ are part of his outlook. 
There are 41 sections of black and white on the board, but 42 sections of color
Danny leaves his father behind in the black and white photograph, to repeat himself over and over again, but Danny moves on the
next number, into the full spectrum. " 
The Games Room
The Shining
Young Frankenstein
You are here?
Sam Rockwell Moon poster
All the numbers added together on a roulette wheel add up to 666 as most people would know.
But what is it about dartboards being used as props in places that you probably couldn't play a game in anyway?
Doh! Missed the triple 20 again:-)
I might have to leave this one to mull over for a while, but there does seem to be more to these dartboard props than meets the bulls-eye.
A scene from 2001: A Space Odyssey
By the director of Salt -Phillip Noyce
Phillip Noyce, director of 
Rabbit Proof Fence and Salt
Do we follow the white rabbit on this one ... or am I just 
throwing darts at red herrings???
Daisy Kadibil talks about her escape along the rabbit-proof fence, 2009
" Daisy Kadibil was a small child when she was taken away from her family as part of the Stolen Generations. 
She and her sisters, Molly and Gracie, used the rabbit-proof fence to find their way back home to Jigalong from Moore River Native Settlement north of Perth, a journey of about 1600 kilometres. 
Molly’s daughter, Doris Pilkington (Nugi Garimara), wrote Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence (1996) after several years of interviewing her mother and Aunt Daisy. 
The book was later made into Phillip Noyce’s award-winning film  
Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)."
Ken Russell 
(3 July 1927 – 27 November 2011)
Update: 11th Oct, 2012
I went to watch a DVD after writing this post, 
and my son had been watching the NFL earlier in the day, 
so the TV was still on Fox Sports.
Oddly enough, there was a darts tournament on between an Irishman by the name of 
Brendan Dolan and a Dutchman, Vincent Van der Voort.
I had never seen this sort of hoopla over a game of darts before, 
it was like a football game.
Take a look at the You Tube of Brendan winning last year, if you don't believe me.
As I watched the Irishman, 
I couldn't help thinking how he reminded me of John Travolta
The funny thing was the Dutchman had flights on his darts with a disco dancer in the typical Travolta pose from  
Saturday Night Fever.
Whereas the Irishman (Travolta look-a-like) had flames 
on his flights similar to the car out of the movie Grease.
I just checked the stats for audience views for the day at my blog -
United States
United Kingdom
Hong Kong


  1. Every time I come back to this post it is a little bit longer. Darts is a great game Daz. The first thing I hung on the wall in my house was a dartboard. I'd forgotten about darts featuring in the Shining. Danny Lloyd looks like a bit of a 'chucker' to me. Talking of darts... what about dart frogs? Aha... there could be a whole new sync here waiting to be uncovered!

  2. Really enjoyed the Flipsode book talk, thanks for linking it.

  3. Re:
    "Really enjoyed the Flipsode book talk"

    I bought his book on Kindle and paid a couple of bucks to see his DVD on the net.They were interesting too.

  4. I read this and remembered the link below from last December -