" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 17, 2014

Brisbane Does Love its EKKA ... and Starr's EKKA Paintings

The EKKA rides captured in the rain
by me last night
My blogging and painting friend Starr has just painted a series of paintings with Brisbane's EKKA as the subject matter and her painting style really does it justice.
Starr's latest painting,
just in time for
Brisbane's EKKA
I haven't been back to the EKKA since taking the pictures for this post in 2011 -
The Carnival Comes to Town
which is quite synchy when I look back on that post,
because I just got tickets to see The Living End
play my local winery in November for 
A Day on the Green , supporting Jimmy Barnes ,
neither of whom I have seen play live as yet.
One thing I noticed last night was that the old iconic Skywheel had been replaced by this smaller wheel pictured above, which I found to be a little sad.
The Skywheel is just a thing of the past now:-(
I've been using this picture in my sidebar of this blog for years now, so to find out the big Ferris Wheel is no longer a part of the EKKA was a bit of a blow, but nothing stays the same I guess.
I wonder if they still have the Star (Starr?-) Wheel on the 
other side of the EKKA showgrounds?
Me watching the wheels go round
from the outside last night.
I had no intention of going and taking these pictures last night, but as fate would have it, I had tickets to see Tim Freedman playThe Old Museum last night and that venue is right on the corner of the EKKA grounds.
Tim Freedman last night
channeling Harry Nilsson
I guess it was appropriate that Tim ... I mean Harry,
ended the set on this song from the movie 
The Fisher King starring Robin Williams.
 While I know this show at The Old Museum of Tim singing Harry Nilsson songs was planned months ago, I just wonder if he always planned on ending the show on that song, which seems to fit with the show, or whether it was just thrown in as a tribute to Robin Williams at the last minute?
Stranger things have happened quite by accident though. 

Robin Williams' Family Guy episode showing failed suicide attempt was on BBC Three minutes before death was announced

I guess that you can always decide
 if you want to take the red pill ...
... or the blue pill though?
Night at the Museum?
I also found it amusing how Jeff Bridges was the co-star with
Robin Williams in The Fisher King and my first post 
using one of Starr's pictures was in my post on the Story Bridge -
Story About a Bridge

Jagged Little Pill

I also thought it was kind of ironic that Steve Coogan was a co-star 
of Robin Williams in the Museum movies.
" ROB BRYDON and STEVE COOGAN are on the road again with director Michael Winterbottom in THE TRIP TO ITALY
Having savoured the delicacies of northern England on their last trip in 2010, the two reunite to sample the cuisine of a warmer climate, riffing on Byron and Shelley, singing along to Alanis Morissette,'s (Jagged Little Pill) doing sometimes hilarious imitations as they make their way from Piemonte to Rome, down the Amalfi coast and ultimately to Capri, lurching from one gourmet meal to the next."
Love on the Rocks ... A Fool's Journey?
Life can be a bitter little ironic pill
to swallow sometimes.
Tim also played a song from his band's catalogue called "Gough",
about Gough Whitlam , which I thought was pretty synchy, since I had Malcolm Fraser sign a book called The Whitlam Mob at the beginning of the month at the BBWF. :-)
My Highlight of the Byron Bay Writers Festival 2014


  1. Great photos! The BBC said they scheduled that episode of Family Gut two weeks in advance.

  2. Isn't that ironic,too Trish ?
    Mind you the BBC did call Building 7 20 minutes before it fell on 9/11 without a plane hitting it also.
    Which in my opinion was more of a mis-timing of insider knowledge than a coincidence...but who knows ?
    Still,I know which one I would put my money on.
    As for Robin's "Family Guy" show appearance,I would say that was a coincidence though.

  3. The Family Guy episode was weird, but this sort of thing tends to happen.

    About the skywheel - was it changed for health & safety reasons? Over here health & safety seems to rule (and spoil) everything.

  4. You are right Mike about
    "The Family Guy".
    These kind of things happen a lot in all forms of Media.
    I believe that was a genuine coincidence.
    And as for the Skywheel,I have no idea why it's gone.
    I only just noticed that it wasn't there last night,so it was news to me.
    It could be a health and safety issue as I remember thinking how easy it would be for an adventurous kid to fall out with not much of a problem at all,not that I ever heard of anyone falling out.