" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 27, 2014

Supermarket Signs?

On my second last trip to Byron Bay, which I partly documented in this post -
Love on the Rocks...A Fool's Journey?
I told my brother how I would love living near Byron Bay, but would miss shopping in an  
Aldi supermarket, which I have just gotten used to shopping in over the past year.
A few minutes later a big white truck similar to the one pictured above came up behind me and then overtook my car.
When it went past I noticed an Aldi poster on the side of it.
Since we had just left Brisbane I thought it must have been heading for the Gold Coast, but as we would find out after overtaking and being overtaken all the way to Byron Bay, it too was heading to Byron Bay.
And sure enough, when I Googled to see if there was a store in Byron Bay, there was what appeared to me to be a relatively new one in the centre of town, that I wasn't aware of.
So, great news for me, if I ever do move down there, is 
that I'll still be able to shop at Aldi.
Luna Moth.
One reason I like shopping at Aldi, apart from halving my food bill from the supermarket my wife used to insist on us doing the shopping in, is that Aldi have weekly specials that they get in for one, or two weeks, and then the stock is gone, so if you don't buy the special within the fortnight of it appearing you might not get the chance to purchase that particular item again later on.

Well, a week after that Byron trip with my brother these model Aldi trucks were one of the specials, so I just had to get one for my bookcase as a reminder of the truck that followed us all the way down to Byron.
I also bought the two pictured pillows featured in this post because of some personal animal signs I saw on them.
One had a green Luna like moth 
(I know it just may be a butterfly, but to me it's a luna moth)
 Moth Verses Butterfly Symbolism
and the lady beetle with the letter
(my surname starts with that letter)
and the French words "JE VOUS AIME" on it
(it means I love you).
The other one had a sparrow
Sparrow/Self-Reliance Syncs
and a hummingbird on it.
And on my next visit to Bangalow /Byron Bay I went looking for a morning coffee and a bite for breakfast before heading off to the Byron Bay Writer's Festival and found out that the little take away coffee joint in the main street of Bangalow is named Sparrow 
(something I didn't know when I purchased my pillow from Aldi a few days before).
B is for Bangalow and Byron Bay?
Luna moths and butterflies basically mean the same thing anyway (transformation), plus the B on the pillow could stand for Byron Bay, or Bangalow, the later being a place I feel very drawn to calling home.
All signs seem to be pointing me there, I feel.


  1. Signs from a supermarket, they seem to be everywhere: signs and Aldi shops! Hope they lead you to 'home'.

    The first time I went to Germany to meet Karin's family we went with her mother to an Aldi supermarket - something that has always stuck in my mind. And now my local town has its own Aldi store - the Germans are getting everywhere!

  2. The wheels seem to be in motion Mike. ;-)

  3. We don't have these stores in Florida. Maybe not anywhere in the U.S. But one thing seems fairly certain: you're going to be moving to Byron's Bay.

  4. My heart seems set on the move Trish,I just have to convince my wallet now...and it is probably filled with moths,instead
    of money ;-)