" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 23, 2014

The Old Museum Reloaded? A Night with Christine Anu

I wrote a post about seeing Tim Freedman play at the Old Museum in Brisbane on Saturday night here -
Brisbane Does Love its EKKA ... and Starr's EKKA Paintings
The Old Museum in Brisbane
And on Thursday night I went back to see/hear Christine Anu play the Old Museum, as well.

I also wrote a post about Christine and her archetypical link to Kali through her singing and film roles here -
Enter the Matrix Kali?
Kali from Matrix Reloaded
Which is much like the other actors who seem to have a common archetypical theme running through their acting roles and careers, like my fellow Sync-head mate Andras Jones and the studies he and Will Morgan have done on other actors and actresses such as  
Rose McGowan and Nick Stahl -
Andras Jones: Psycho Cinematic Analysis 
When I arrived to the Old Museum on Thursday night, I was greeted with closed doors at the entrance to the hall I had seen Tim Freedman and Graham Hancock on my previous two visits to the museum venue.
I thought the show had been cancelled, but when I approached the door there was a small note on the door telling concert goers to go round the back to a studio 3!?
So, I had to walk around the back and hope that I could find another room that I didn't know existed.
 Past creepy looking trees,
along deserted paths,
up giant stone staircases,
 and along spooky looking verandas,
 until I reached a door where I was thinking I might have to say something like "Fidelio" to get in.
But to my relief there were no naked people dancing with each other, or up to other activities without their clothes on.
Christine Anu and her band on
The Old Museum stage of Studio 3.
I was surprised having a general ticket to be able to find a vacant seat at the end of the 3rd row from the stage ... and all without having to give a password as well.
Christine didn't sing any of her own songs, instead she sung songs that were sung by Aretha Franklin throughout Aretha's singing career.
And I have to say that hearing Christine sing is the next best thing to hearing Aretha sing these songs herself.
One thing I thought was ironic was the lighting used for Christine's performance throughout the night, considering that she starred in The Matrix Reloaded,
was that there was only red lights and blue lights above her used for the lighting effects in her show.
I wonder if Christine was aware of this choice in lighting
Pun intended;-)

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  1. Wow, that's some trek to correct stage...really creepy! But with a great prize at the end!